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Scholarships — Frequently Asked Questions

Is my son eligible to apply?

All scholarships are means tested and applicants will be asked to provide current financial documentation. Preference will be given to families with greater financial need.

Applicants must:
— be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency in Australia
— not currently be enrolled in a Catholic secondary college
— not have accepted a position with a Catholic college for 2016, unless that College is De La Salle
— satisfy normal entrance requirements for De La Salle College
Applications from students currently attending De La Salle College are accepted if there is proven financial need.

For scholarships criteria please visit our 2016 Scholarships Information page.

what are the KEY DATES?

Applications open: Monday 2 March 2015
Applications close: Thursday 30 April 2015
Testing date: Friday 16 May 2015 (9.00am-12.00pm)
Tiverton Campus, 1318 High Street, Malvern

Rehearsal date (performing arts): TBA
Offers posted: July 2015


The application fee is $72 and covers the costs associated with testing, rehearsals and administration.

how long does the scholarship Last?

The usual duration of scholarships is to the completion of Year 12*.
*In extenuating circumstances, or if the student breaches the normal rules and regulations of De La Salle College, the College reserves the right to cancel the scholarship at any time.

what does the testing involve?

Students will be tested on their skills in verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics and creative written expression.

All testing is completed through third party testing provider EduTest. Students who have sat an exam for another school through EduTest in 2015 will not be required to sit the test. The application fee must still be paid to allow De La Salle College access to the student’s results.


- Complete the online registration form
— Forward the following documents:

All scholarships:
— photocopy of mid-year and end of year reports for 2014
— a full statement of financial position including the income, assets, liabilities and expenses of both parents/guardians. Information must be provided by filling in the Statement of Financial Position Form
— an Enrolment Form if the student is not already enrolled at the College
— current students only: 2015 homeroom.

Sport Scholarship

- signed recommendation from a sports coach or mentor
— two examples of competition results (or similar) from no earlier than 2013.

Performing Arts Scholarship

- evidence of high achievement in their chosen area, e.g. written recommendation from a tutor or mentor, competition results (no earlier than 2013), AMEB results or a short video (under 1 minute).

Pat Del Mastro General Excellence Scholarship

- evidence of achievement in one area of school life other than academia, e.g. written recommendation from a tutor or mentor, competition results (no earlier than 2013), AMEB results or a short video (under 1 minute).

Please do not send ANY original documents as they will not be returned. Documents should be sent to:

The Registrar
De La Salle College
1318 High Street
Malvern, VIC, 3144

For further information regarding scholarships, please contact us on (03) 9508 2100 or email enrolment@delasalle.vic.edu.au.


1- Scholarship recipients will be required to pay the annual capital levy pro rata in accordance with their scholarship amount (unless negotiated otherwise).
2 — All scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the principal or a representative of De La Salle College acting on behalf of the principal.
3 — All information given in the scholarship application form, as well as the general College enrolment form, must be true and correct at the time of completion. If information is found to be incorrect after a scholarship has been awarded, De La Salle College may terminate the scholarship immediately.
4 — De La Salle College reserves the right to alter or cancel the scholarship at any time if the student fails to meet the criteria of their scholarship or breaches College rules and regulations.
5 — De La Salle College does not guarantee that every student applying for a Performing Arts Scholarship will be invited for an audition.
6 — The EduTest application fee of $72 will not be refunded if the application is found to be ineligible after payment has been made.
7 — At any given time, a student may only be the recipient of one De La Salle College scholarship.
8 — The number of scholarships awarded each year will vary at the discretion of the principal.

All information gathered for the purpose of administering scholarships will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Visit our 2016 Scholarships page for full scholarships details.