De La Salle College

Immersion Programs

Our range of immersion programs see De La Salle College students travel far and wide to experience another culture. Students gain independence, give back to the local communities and are enriched by these cultural experiences.

Language Study Exchanges

Students studying a language other than English in senior years can travel to either France or Italy through our study exchanges. The exchanges run for three weeks and take place roughly every two years. Students travel to the country as a group, experience a local school environment by attending one of our brother schools and enjoy cultural and site-seeing activities.

The experience strengthens language skills and provides a cultural insight into how other people live.

Philippines Exchange

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 are invited to experience a two-week exchange with one of our sister schools – Green Hills, in the Philippines capital, Manila. Every second year, students from Green Hills then make the trip to Melbourne. This cultural and academic program heightens our students’ awareness of the works of Lasallian Institutions worldwide.

The Student Exchange Program between schools has proved to be an excellent opportunity for students to gain important insights into interpersonal relationships, varying value systems, differing world views and different social structures.

Year 11 Experience in Papua New Guinea

Year 11 students are offered the opportunity to spend 12 days at Bomana Secondary School, about 20km from Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. Conducted by the De La Salle Brothers, the school has 600 students, including boarders. During their time there, our students give back to the community by assisting in the building and refurbishment of facilities.

Balgo Work Project

This work project at Luurnpa Catholic School, Balgo Hills (WA), provides our young men with an opportunity to be involved in both helping and learning about our Indigenous population.

This project is offered exclusively to Year 12 VCAL students, who travel to Balgo Hills for nine days to work in the school and the community. By working at the Luurnpa Catholic School it is hoped that the De La Salle College students will:

  • help to improve facilities at Luurnpa Catholic School by renovating and attending to the maintenance of buildings.
  • develop a greater understanding of our Indigenous population by interacting with the local indigenous community and the school community.
  • develop an appreciation of the Indigenous culture through excursions to various local cultural sites.
  • contribute to the Catholic community by working in an isolated environment.

Year 12 Coolies in India

The De La Salle ‘Coolies’ are a group of recently graduated Year 12 students who travel to India to work on construction projects that help the Indian Lasallian community. Money the students raise throughout the year goes towards the completion of the project.

The De La Salle Coolies work as labourers for approximately four weeks and while they’re doing so, live with the De La Salle Brothers and fully immerse themselves in the community they are helping.

Completed projects include the construction of housing or schools for poverty stricken Dalit communities – once considered to be the ‘untouchables’ of Indian society. These communities are situated in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, where the De La Salle Brothers have developed several projects.

Coolies is an alternate way for students to celebrate their Year 12 graduation whilst contributing to underprivileged communities. All students must commit to Coolies at the start of their Year 12 year and raise a minimum of $500 each for the building projects. Students must also cover their own transport and living costs.

Being a Coolie gives our boys a unique cultural experience and the opportunity to give back to the community. This is made all the more rewarding because they’re able to turn their fundraising efforts into practical, hands-on solutions.