From the Principal

In recent weeks I was privileged to attend the annual conference of the Association of Victorian Catholic School Principals, held in Creswick.

The conference theme was “Education From and For Faith” which may initially sound a little heavy but with a terrific presenter, the three days provided rich and fertile ground for discussing how to bring our Catholic faith into the lives of contemporary teenagers in our schools. Dr Thomas H Groome, Professor of Theology and Religious Education at Boston College, Massachusetts, was our keynote speaker. Dr Groome also currently serves as Director of Boston College’s Church of the 21st Century whose mission is to be “a catalyst and resource for the renewal of the Catholic Church”. Growing up in County Kildare, Ireland, the youngest of ten children, Dr Groome is an outstanding speaker, very engaging with many tremendous anecdotes and stories, all illustrating his lifelong passion — that Catholic education be “from and for faith.” His main goal is to present religious education in a fashion which enables people to bring life to faith and faith to life.

The reason I mention my experience with Dr Groome is the way in which he was able to take the traditional messages of our Catholic experiences and make them relevant for education of our young people in our Australian Catholic schools. He believes Catholic education must reflect a “transcendent” take on life – looking a long way forward to the “ultimate horizon,” to make sense, find purpose, forge community, and receive help. Dr Groome’s intrinsic theme is that Catholic schools encourage every student to grow into fullness of life — to realise their potential, to bring values of God’s reign into the public domain and commit to social justice. In considering Dr Groome’s ideas, I couldn’t help but make the connections between his impressions and some terrific examples of our young men living out their commitment to our Catholic and Lasallian ethos.

On Tuesday afternoon I went along to see a group of our Year 9 students presenting their Intergenerational Projects in St Joseph’s Parish Hall in the culmination of their six-week immersion with JoCare. JoCare is a free service supported by St Joseph’s Malvern and Cabrini Health. Their vision is of encouraging friendship and support within neighbourhoods in the local Malvern area. People in the Malvern area are welcome as volunteers or recipients of the services offered by JoCare. Organised by Ms Elizabeth O’Connell, Year 9 In9uiry Coordinator, the 15 students worked with JoCare service as an expression of their Christian faith in action. It was also an opportunity to be of “service to their neighbour as a means of connecting with others and as fulfilling their desire to build community.”

For six weeks these students met with an older person from the community, getting to know them, listening to their stories from a bygone era and providing friendship, support and connection. The presentation on Tuesday was a summary of what they had learned about their JoCare companions’ life and what they now understood and appreciated about people from that generation. The students wondered at the stark differences between their companions’ lives and their own brief and privileged experiences. It was beautiful to see and hear the obvious affection the students developed for their JoCare companions and in presenting a booklet with scanned copies of precious old photos and flowers or a gift, I saw our young men find real purpose, forge community and a commitment to making others’ lives better. The JoCare and Cabrini staff were tremendously impressed with the De La boys, and it was an enriching experience which will remain an integral feature of their Catholic education. Dr Groome would approve, I’m sure!

Mr Peter Houlihan

Deputy Principals’ Column

Faith and Mission

I was sitting in mass last Sunday, listening to Father deliver his homily. I was intrigued as he explained to the congregation the details and history of what was, Sunday’s feast day, The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, which most would still know by its traditional Latin name, Corpus Christi. As he unpacked the origins of this observance, I began to reflect on how nowadays, this feast invites us all to sit at the table with Christ and join in the mystery of Jesus self-gift to us in the Eucharistic meal. St Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, reminds us that our being in communion in the body and blood of Christ makes the Church become one, in the body and blood of Christ,

The blessing cup that we bless is a communion with the blood of Christ, and the bread that we break is a communion with the body of Christ. The fact that there is only one loaf means that though there are many of us, we form one single body because we all have a share in this one loaf.”

1 Corinthians 10:16–17

Jesus’ hospitality is wide; it embraces the whole person. I think it is true that anyone willing to turn up to the table to share in this loaf will find that the hand of the Lord is generous and that they will encounter a welcoming spirit, genuine hospitality, tenderness and companionship.

Year 9 Lasallian Service Intergenerational Project

This year, a number of our Year 9 students have been working under the guidance of Ms Elizabeth O’Connell completing their Year 9 Lasallian Service. In conjunction with JoCare, an organisation from St Joseph’s Parish in Malvern a group of our Year 9 students volunteered in the inaugural Intergenerational Project sponsored by the St Joseph’s Parish, Cabrini Hospital and Stonnington Council.

Each Tuesday afternoon, the Year 9 group met with an older person from the parish community and compiled a book of the highlights of each older person’s life. These were recently presented at a gathering which celebrated the lives of these older members of our community. Lasallian Service is a ‘community service’ program, structured in a way that allows our students to put into practice the core principles of our Lasallian charism; Faith, Inclusiveness, Justice, Respect and Quality Education. The experience of Lasallian Service encourages students to put their faith into action, as well as enhancing their learning and awareness of social justice in a broader sense.

Please click here to view photo gallery.

We are called to be stewards of God’s creation

 As stewards of God’s creation, we are called to make the earth a beautiful garden for the human family. When we destroy our forests, ravage our soil and pollute our seas, we betray that noble calling.” — Pope Francis, January 18, 2015.

At De La Salle College, we take this call to be stewards of God’s creation seriously. Knowing that solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment, we have recently drastically increased our solar energy generation.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Staff and Operations

Staff Changes for change of Semester

As Semester 1 draws to close there will be a number of changes to staff that need to be communicated. Planned staff changes for circumstances such as Long Service Leave are part of the regular cycle of College life. In addition to this some staff become ill or change their employment arrangements after the year has started and must be covered. Below is a list of staff changes that will occur either at the start of the new semester on 18 June or the start of Term 3 on 16 July.

Staff Changes from the start of Semester 2 (18 June 2018)

Staff member on leave Duration of absence Replaced by
Mr Shaun Buckley Until end of Term 2 Mr Nic Nicolau
Mr Paul Coyle Until end of Term 2 To be confirmed
Ms Emily Ryan Until end of Term 2 Internal cover
Mrs Caroline Fitzpatrick Until end of Term 2 Miss Olivia Wenczel (Year 12 English), Ms Elena Brasacchio
Mr Kevin Hunter Semester 2 Ms Jennifer Spence
Ms Lisa Harkin 25 June until end of Term 2 Internal cover
Mr Shane Slavin Semester 2 To be confirmed
Mrs Joan Ferguson Until 20 July Internal cover
Ms Michele O’Mahoney Until end of Term 2 Ms Freda Siomos, Ms Catherine Gadzinski
Mr Gerard Barns 25 June until 30 July Internal cover

Staff Changes from the start Term 3 (16 July 2018)

Staff member on leave Duration of absence Replaced by
Mr David Happ Until 30 July Ms Isabella Kottek, Year 8 YLC by Mr Luke Kenealy
Mrs Vanessa Marolda Until 25 July Ms Nadia Pacella-Solace
Mr Shane Mackintosh Until 30 July Mr Matt Jones, Austins HC by Mr John McAlroy
Ms Trish Woodman Until 24 August To be confirmed
Ms Christine Cooper Term 3 Dasha Vorobieva

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations


Are your contact details up-to-date?

There are times when we will need to contact you, including on the day if your son is absent and you haven’t informed the school as to why. Do we have your most up to date contact details? If not, please contact the College on (03) 9508 2100 so we can update our records. Please include parent/carer’s name, address, phone number, email address and emergency contact details. Please remember to contact the College if any of these details or your circumstances change.

Please notify the College of your son’s absence

Protecting the safety and wellbeing of children through the reporting and monitoring of absenteeism is the responsibility of both parents/carers and schools. Please remember to call the College on (03) 9508 2100 or log your son’s absence here early in the morning if your son is going to be away or late for school so your child’s absence can be recorded correctly.

For further information on the processes and procedures our College uses to record, monitor and follow-up student attendance and absence please read our Attendance Policy here.

School Refusal is not the Same as Wagging

Attempting to understand school refusal is no mean feat. Many people still consider it in a similar vein to “wagging” or parent-condoned absenteeism. However, school refusal is an often misunderstood and serious difficulty for many students. To find out more, click here.

Family and Domestic Violence

Family and domestic violence has a serious impact on the community, workplaces, families and individuals. The CECV joins in the sentiment of the Victorian Catholic Bishops’ statement on Domestic Violence: Committing to prevention and response.

Our goal must be a society where all people are safe in their home, families and close relationships; where violence and abuse are not acceptable: and where all relationships respect the equality and dignity of teach person. This is part of the Gospel of love and respect.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Chaplain’s Notes

Year 7 Liturgies

Year 7 Dunstan led the community in prayer on Tuesday morning in the Tiverton Chapel. The students had focused on “disability” and took as their starting point the Gospel account of curing the man born blind. In formulating their liturgy they discussed the many forms of blindness that hamper people in the world today; blindness to God’s love; blindness to the needs of others; blindness to their own faults.

Their contribution to the prayer life of the College was a gift to all present. Parents are always welcome to attend the Tiverton Chapel for an 8:15 am start each Tuesday morning. Please sign in at Reception before heading to the Chapel.


Next Tuesday we pray for Gus Osborne (Yr 7 Vincent) who will be Baptised into the Catholic Church. May God bless Gus and fill him with grace, peace and love as he enters his new life of faith.

First Reconciliation
Father Martin Tanti will celebrate the Sacrament of Penance in the College Chapel on Tuesday evening 12 June. Year 7 students have been preparing to receive this Sacrament for the first time and will gather in community with their families, as we celebrate this wonderful Sacrament of forgiveness.

First Communion has been scheduled for 18 November 2018 at 11:00am Mass at St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly.

Confirmation will be take place on Friday 10 August 2018 at 7:00pm at St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads Glen Huntly.

Important Dates for Confirmation Candidates

Some important dates for Confirmation Candidates and families:

Confirmation Information night
Thursday 7 June, 7:30pm
Padua Pavilion, St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly.
It is important that all families attend this night. Please note it is for parents and the Confirmation Candidates.

Retreat Day
Wednesday 1 August, 8:45am

Bishop’s visit with the Confirmation Candidates
Monday 6 August, 10:00am
St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly.

Family Mass, Practice and Shared supper
Tuesday 7 August, 7:00pm
St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

In9uiry Intergenerational Project

The Intergenerational Project has been a Lasallian Service collaboration with JoCare, St Joseph’s parish, Malvern.

A chance to relive some of the things I have done in my life’ was how Mr John Horan (class of 1944) described his part in the Intergenerational Project. John, together with Ms Claire Kelly, Ms Maureen O’Bree, Mrs Mary Thomas and Mrs Marie Grafen, bravely led 15 of our Year 9 students along voyages of remembrances in this project, recounting their life stories.

Over the past seven Tuesdays, culminating in a presentation on 5 May, these St Joseph’s parishioners and ‘their’ De La Salle students created ‘This is your Life’ books. These books were presented in a ‘Celebration of Life’ in the presence of family, friends and members of the Malvern and De La Salle communities. Both the Mayor, Cr Steven Stefanopoulos and Principal Peter Houlihan acknowledged the importance of these types of projects, both for an understanding of the past but, more importantly, for the creation of community.

All participants enjoyed the experience and have forged strong and respectful relationships. I would like to thank the supervisors of this project: Kerri Anne, Br Michael, Br Paul, Sr Julia and John. Special mention must go to our Master of Ceremonies, Thomas Hobbins — you did a marvelous job! Please enjoy a photo gallery of images from the afternoon’s celebration below.

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

Sustainability at De La Salle

The College has recently installed an extensive photovoltaic solar power generation system onto rooftops across the Kinnoull campus.

Three hundred and five 325 Watt panels are now installed on all roof surfaces (except Saint Miguel Theatre at Kinnoull). Most face north, however, there are some facing west to harvest the afternoon sun.

The new system is a 99.125 kWh system which is enough power to replace the equivalent of approximately two months of total power consumption for the school (on average), and equate to $21,452 off our annual power bills. The new system will go live later in June 2018 when United Energy connect us to the grid.

The College had earlier invested in LED lighting right across both campuses, mainly over the last Christmas Holidays. There are some additional fittings being changed out on 15 June. Overall this has contributed to a power consumption reduction over the last 4 months of 51,000 kWh (approximately 12,750 kWh per month) up to 1 June 2018 compared to the same period in 2017. This is equivalent to one month’s consumption under the old lights and equates to a 25% reduction in overall power consumption with the advent of LED.

De La Salle also recently converted all of the chemicals used in the daily maintenance and cleaning of the College to green versions and were awarded the Hunter Green certificate of compliance.

Ms Lyn McGuinness
Director of Finance and Administration

Future Work Summit Report

On 31 May, I had the privilege of attending the 2018 Future Work Summit. The event featured a mix of experts from industry, management and academia. They spoke of informing curricula that will shape the mindsets of future leaders.

The room was asked to consider the following quote from Warren Bennis:

The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”

According to recent data, automation threatens 800 million jobs globally. Anything that is “dirty, dull or dangerous will be a target for automation”, said Hon Craig Laundy, Minister for Small and Family Business. However, it appears the real issue is whether we as a nation are able to keep up with this displacement, and more so, whether we are skilling and willing the students of today for a workforce with so much uncertainty.

Consider this:

  • 70% of current jobs will be lost to automation by 2030
  • 65% of children in primary school today will work in jobs that don’t yet exist
  • 60% of current university students are studying for jobs that will either not exist, be disrupted or be radically changed
  • A child today will have a predicted average of 17 jobs in five industries during their working life.

De La Salle College is always evolving. Our Year 9 In9uiry program currently adopts several project-based tasks where students are encouraged to lead their own learning and learn from failure. This model of learning was backed by Sally-Ann Williams, Engineer of Google AustraliaShe said, “students should fail fast and learn from it.” Sally suggested that inter-disciplinary skills like leadership, communication, collaboration and time management were the non-negotiable skills students must have when entering the workforce in 2020. “These skills are best learnt through trying to solve complex problems”, she said.

Keynote speakers agreed that resilience would also help students prepare for the periods of transition they will confront both now and in the future of the workforce. Contemporary schools, like ours, have the opportunity to prepare our students for the impacts of digital disruption on their work lives. It is critical we continue to implement the curriculum in ways that give our students opportunities to develop the critical and creative skills that they will find so invaluable in the future.

Mr David Alexander
Director of Learning and Development (Experiential Learning)

Time and Space Mother and Son Night

Time & Space programs are designed to strengthen and grow relationships, especially during times of change and transition. Time & Space for Mothers and Sons focuses on the big step from primary to secondary school.

On Monday 21 May, De La Salle College hosted our Time & Space Mother and Son event and it was a great success. Every year we receive wonderful feedback from both the students and their female guardians and carers. Thank you to Bill Jennings for his work in this space, and we hope you enjoy these reviews from two participants, Mrs Sally Ashe and Ellis Ashe, Year 7.

Mother’s review by Sally Ashe

The Time and Space evening, hosted by Bill Jennings, was an evening dedicated for mothers, female mentors and their sons to reflect on their important relationship. At the beginning of their De La Salle journey our boys are experiencing a major transition from primary to secondary school and this evening allows us to share our experiences of this big step. Throughout the evening Bill led discussions about how times of transition can be major events in a boy’s life, bringing many challenges, joys and emotions for mother and son.

I was looking forward to spending some quality one-on-one time with Ellis, away from our busy day-to-day lives, to chat, laugh and reflect on our relationship. The evening also allowed me to share discussions with other mums and their boys regarding their experience of starting at De La Salle. The boys were fantastic and I was impressed how confidently they spoke to openly share insights into their lives.

As part of the evening, we were each asked to bring along a treasured item to share with one another that said something about our relationship. The highlight of the evening was seeing all these treasures from every mother and son displayed at the front of the hall.

Overall, the evening was an extremely positive experience that Ellis and I were able to share with other families at De La Salle. By allowing ourselves time and space we will continue to strengthen our relationship as mum and son.

Son’s review by Ellis Ashe

I expected the night just to be mainly speaking one-on-one with my mum but it was a nice surprise to speak to the others boy’s parents. I think it was really good how they structured the night to make sure we weren’t just speaking with our mums but with other mums too. To begin the evening we went off and spoke to another parent and student and I think this was a really good way to find out what relationships other people had with their mums/mentors. We then moved into small groups and were asked to discuss questions about our transition from primary to secondary school. These questions allowed us all to talk about our experiences of starting at De La Salle and it was reassuring to find that we all felt the same about this big step. Finally, we spoke with our mums/mentors and shared our treasures with them. As part of the evening, we had to share a treasure that meant something with our mum/mentor. I brought in a photo of my mum and me when I was just born and my mum brought in the ultrasound picture of when she was pregnant with me and wrote me a letter. This night allowed me to talk one-on-one with my mum without having the distractions of everyday life. I think the night was a great experience to have and I recommend it to the future year 7 boys.

Ms Sarah O’Connor
Personal Development Coordinator

Parent Network News

Year 7 drinks and conversation

On a chilly winter’s night, in front of a cosy fire at the Rosstown Hotel, 75 keen Year 7 parents gathered to share stories of their boy’s journeys so far and also to get to know each other.

Thank you everyone for attending our first function with such enthusiasm. It is always nice to seek out the parents of your son’s “new” best friends, swap strategies for ‘Fortnite’, listen to any teething issues with school and realise that after half a year everyone is ok and having a great time at De La Salle. Thank you also to the Rosstown who made us feel very welcome as we took over the Front Bar. Drinks and conversations were flowing free and easy which made for a great night. If you were unable to attend this time, don’t worry, there is always the upcoming function in August which is our major fundraiser for the school. Put Saturday 11 August in your diary and we hope to see lots of Year 7 parents attending.

Thanks again,

Sam Pickering and Lisa McCormack (your happy Year 7 reps!)

Mr Anthony Muir
President of the Parent Network

Important Notices

Time to Shine 2018

Time to Shine 2018 is a musical celebration to showcase the extraordinary talents of youth – featuring singers, dancers and musicians from Catholic secondary schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne. This year’s production will be staged at the State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne on 28 July 2018 with two shows at 2 pm and 7.30 pm. Tickets now on sale at the Arts Centre Melbourne website. Discount tickets for group bookings (10 or more) are available by phoning 1300 182 183. Featuring almost 400 students from over 50 secondary schools, this event has become a key celebration for Catholic secondary schools in Melbourne to display the performance talents of their students. Time to Shine will also be screened on the Seven Network after the event.

Catholic School Parents Victoria Newsletter

We encourage all in our community to read the latest issue of Catholic School Parents Victoria eNewsletter. If you would like to subscribe to the CSPV newsletter or provide CSPV with feedback on State advocacy issues you are most welcome to do so via the subscribe or feedback button on the link provided. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Important Dates

Important upcoming dates on the College calendar.

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Year 8 Camp — 12 May to 14 May — Phillip Island
General Achievement Test (GAT) — Gymnasium, 10:00am — 1:15pm
Year 7 Band Concert — PAC, 7:30pm — 8:30pm
Semester One Examination Period Concludes
Year 12 Formal — Lincoln of Toorak, 7:00pm — 11:00pm
Report Writing Day — No Classes
Semester One Concludes
20 Year College Reunion — Prahran Hotel, 7:30pm — 11:00pm
30 Year College Reunion — The Village Belle Hotel, St Kilda, 7:30pm — 10:30pm
Semester Two Commences
Year 10 Academic Assessment Services Catch Up Testing — Morgan Hall, 8:50am — 1:00pm
House Cross Country Championships — Years 9 and 10 — TH King Reserve, 1:30pm — 3:00pm
Year 8 Parent Information Night — Gymnasium, 7:30pm — 9:00pm
Year 9 Reflection Day (Dunstan, Roland) — Syndal Baptist Church, 8:30am — 2:45pm
House Cross Country Championships — Years 11 and 12 — TH King Reserve, 1:30pm — 3:00pm
Year 9 Reflection Day (Hegarty, Solomon, Vincent) — Syndal Baptist Church, 8:30am — 2:45pm

Examination Timetable Semester 1 2018

The Semester 1, 2018 exam timetable is hosted on OLLIE for access by current students and their families.

For the Year 9 exam timetable, please click here.

For the Year 10 and Year 11 exam timetable, please click here.

Please note you will be required to login to OLLIE to access the timetable.


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From the Principal

It was terrific to see so many De La mums in attendance with their sons at the now traditional Mother’s Day Breakfast.

As expected, the breakfast sold out in a matter of hours, with all 550 seats snapped up. I love the Mother’s Day event at De La. There is so much energy, positivity and love in the room as the mothers all enjoy the company of not only their sons but also the opportunity to meet and mix with other mothers. As is the tradition the College Captain gave an address. Panos Menidis spoke with great warmth and affection about his mother’s care and influence (prompting many tears around the room). Vice Captains, Joshua Paul and John Beaton were excellent as MCs and guest speaker Jennie Loughnan, AFL Ground Operations Manager, was informative and entertaining relaying stories and impressions of her long association with our College. No doubt the De La Salle Father’s Day Breakfast on 24 August will also sell out very quickly.

Exciting developments with the building program have dominated the landscape around the College this year. As the first stage of the Master Plan takes shape, we have a new Science and Technology Centre due for completion next week. After the builders have finished there will be work to do in cleaning the space, installing new furniture, equipment and materials, and removing the hoardings, sheds and fencing. All is on track for classes to begin in the new centre on the first day of Semester 2, Monday 18 June. I am thrilled for both students and staff that we will be able to offer these long-overdue, sparkling new facilities for all to enjoy.

A great deal of research and creative thinking has gone into the design and development of the new centre. The contemporary facilities will create spaces that inspire and draw students to further study in science – both in VCE and beyond. This facility represents the College’s commitment to a science education that requires new thinking, new approaches and is responsive to the increasing global importance of Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering (STEM) education for young people. These facilities will allow teachers and laboratory technicians to prepare and run activities that will not just showcase science at its best, but also create opportunities for students to develop transferable skills such as team-work, resilience and analysis.

The core of the design is to maximise space for the variety of learning needed across the science curriculum. Highly-specialised practical activity occurs in the labs, where mobile workstations allow re-configuration of the space to suit the activity. Chemical, physical, biological and environmental science have been accommodated across the four laboratories. Adjacent theory and outdoor learning spaces are geared towards students learning in environments for theoretical work. Their proximity allows easy access in and out of labs, as the activity requires.

The central area includes a presentation space, accommodating a whole group in a tiered seating array, and surrounding spaces configured for individual student and small group collaboration. This space will allow and inspire students to present their work and will significantly aid the ever-expanding Robotics program.

The spaces encourage pedagogical approaches that acknowledge the critical role of teacher instruction in learning. They also emphasise the most important dimension of learning, that is, students’ individual engagement in a variety of activities and modes, allowing for depth, enrichment and extension. All spaces have been carefully designed to exploit the effective use of technology in learning. Student devices, presentations to classes and group video projection permeate the design of each space.

Further building plan developments will see the conversion of the Dalny Street flats site to a bus car park by 25 June, surrounded by advertising hoardings promoting the College to High Street traffic. The fence will also be pushed back about five metres to free up more space in the yard for students. In the Term 2 holidays, we will also commence a landscaping project in the front courtyard at Tiverton to add greenery, colour, decking, seating and recreation spaces.

There is a lot happening at De La Salle and I will keep you informed of further developments, but in the short term thank you for your support of the College as we continue to strive to improve all we do and all we offer for your sons’ educational experience.

Mr Peter Houlihan

Deputy Principals’ Column


Founder’s Day – 2018

We were blessed that the rain held off last Friday and this added to the festive atmosphere on the day. This year, the Year 12 Student Leaders were supported by their fellow leaders from Years 9 – 11. They devised a series of activities and events that served to create a fantastic, festive atmosphere. This year the Founder’s Day rides and activities were all funded by the College. The students also enjoyed a soft drink, sausage and zooper dooper for lunch.

I’d like to publicly acknowledge the work that Panos Menidis, Joshua Paul and John Beaton put into the day and to thank them for their leadership, direction and enthusiastic commitment to service. Their actions embodied our Lasallian principle of inclusiveness and went into making Founder’s Day such a success.

Many staff commented that there was a terrific spirit about the day. This was especially evident in the breakfast set up that commenced before 7:00am, during the clean-up at the end of the day and everything in between!

Click here to view a gallery of photos from Founder’s Day 2018.

Medical Certificates

Medical and/or Dental Appointments should be made before or after school hours. If this is not possible, students should arrange appointments so as to minimise time away from school. The Class/House Mentor, and Year Level/House Coordinator should be notified in writing if this is necessary. Following an absence, students are reminded to obtain a Medical Certificate, especially in instances when they have missed a test or an assessment deadline. All Medical Certificates should be passed on to your Year Level/House Coordinator and these will be forwarded on to the Reception to be placed in your student file. VCE students are also required to bring a Medical Certificate, issued on the day of absence if they miss a SAC.

Attendance Reminder

Regular attendance at school is paramount in your son achieving his potential. See the attached ‘Every Day Counts’ for some guidance in minimising absences tthroughoutthe year.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Staff and Operations

Mission Action Day Awards

The annual Mission Action Day Awards were presented at the conclusion of the Founders Day Mass on Friday 18 May. Once again the response from students and the wider community has been outstanding. The total collected now stands at almost $100,000 with a small amount still to be returned. Coordinators will follow up students with outstanding pledges.

The following top fundraising students received a Certificate of Commendation from Principal Peter Houlihan;

  • Flynn Kenworthy (Year 5)
  • Rook Barry (7 Hegarty)
  • Archie Reid-Drought (Year 6)
  • Joshua Miles (7 Dunstan)
  • Alexander Lambadaridis (7 Benilde)
  • Luka Zivanic (7 Hegarty)
  • Ewan Baulch (Year 10, Edwins 6)
  • Nathan Blizzard (Year 12, Austins 6)
  • Nicholas Sdralis (8 Jerome)
  • Charlie Jones (7 Benilde)

The highest individual fundraiser was Christian Mora (Year 12, Marks 3), who raised $1,225. Christian, who is in his final year at the College has raised almost $10,000 during his years here. This fantastic effort is a wonderful example of service to the Lasallian community. In recognition, Christian was presented with the Ian Oliver Mission Action Award. Mr Ian Oliver, who retired from the College in 2015, was a driving force behind the success of Mission Action Day.

The MAD Raffle was also drawn after the Founders Day Mass. Students earn one raffle ticket for every $50 of sponsorship raised. Congratulations to the following winners who received a $50 JB Hi-Fi voucher; Spencer Davey (Year 6), Wesley Li (7 Jerome), Angus Osborne (7 Vincent) and Jake Quinn (Year 11, Leos 1).

The final MAD activity for the year will be the Mission Action Day Thank You lunch on Friday 1 June at lunchtime outside the PAC on Tiverton Campus. The top 250 fundraisers will be invited to this lunch.

Finally, the College thanks the Mission Action Day Committee for their work in organising and administering the entire MAD fundraising process. The MAD Committee included; Miss Ellen Cotter, Mr David Ellul, Ms Kathie Holmes, Mrs Melanie Livera, Mr Paul Maxted, Ms Robyn Miller, Mrs Jacinta Ryan, Mrs Joan Ferguson, Miss Georgina Skinner, Mr Warren Walker, Ms Carly Walsh, Ms Muriel West, Ms Sharon Richards, Ms Ellenor Harris, Mrs Carolyn Green, Ms Kerrie Harman, Mr Aaron Trusler and Lasallian Captains; Romolo Persi, Benjamin Richter, Jackson Reed, Liam Bonato and Hamilton Deam. In particular, the College recognises Mr Larry Evans who is the Chair of the Mission Action Day Committee for his leadership and guidance throughout the MAD process.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal – Staff and Operations

Faith and Mission

Founders Day

On Friday 18 May, as a Lasallian family, the College community gathered to celebrate the work and legacy of the Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle and all those who were inspired by him and followed in his footsteps. We commenced the day with mass to acknowledge that our Lasallian tradition has opened our hearts to the power of prayer, being present to others and dedicating ourselves to the service of the poor and vulnerable.

During the mass, we remembered the Lasallian men who are the inspiration to the names of many of our Tiverton homerooms: Br Benilde, Br Dunstan, Br Gehrig, Fr Hegarty, Br Jerome, Br Miguel, Fr Roland, St Solomon, and St Vincent de Paul. We pray that their charism and service to others continues to guide and mentor the community they created.

The occasion of the Founders Day Mass was made all that more special as we were able to welcome Lasallian Brothers from the Malvern community, Br Michael Carroll FSC, Br Paul Toohey FSC and Br Mandy Dujunco FSC. The brothers are living examples of committed Lasallians inspired by the work and legacy of St John Baptist de La Salle.

Year 9 St John Baptist De La Salle Mosaic

In the Year 9 Immersion Subject, ‘Urban Impact’ students have investigated how humans living in urban settings impact on the environment. Guided by Mr David Happ, they explored initiatives that reduce the negative human impact on our planet, including sustainability and recycling programs.

In Term 1, the Year 9 class elected to recycle plastic and metal lids to produce a mosaic artwork and chose to design an art that would depict our founder, St John Baptist De La Salle. The students felt it was fitting to use ‘throw away items’ such as bottle tops and lids, as it was St John Baptist de La Salle who took the poorest street children, the ‘disregarded’ of his society, saw their potential and educated them. At the conclusion of the Founders Day Mass, Mr David Happ introduced the piece and Year 9 students John Beddoe and Levi Wardle revealed the mosaic to the College community for the first time to a round of applause!

Pictured below are Br Michael Carroll FSC and Br Paul Toohey FSC on Founders Day with the mosaic.

2018 Year 12 Yaluwo Immersion

Congratulations to the following students for their successful applications for the 2018 Yaluwo Immersion to Sri Lanka.

Yaluwo Students 2018

  • Oliver Burke
  • Finn Carey
  • Jacob Carroll
  • Nicholas Condon
  • Heath McCullough
  • Panos Menidis
  • Hayden Rideg
  • Hamish Sutherland

The process for application and interviews is both time-consuming and incredibly heartening. To hear the students’ reasons for wanting to be involved in the immersion experience. “I want to put into action what it means to be Lasallian,” “I want to make a difference” and “I want to give back to De La what they have given to me” are just some of the remarks.

I feel very privileged to be leading the 2018 Yaluwo group, with the support of staff Ms Rachel Cicala, Mr Anthony Freeman and Mr Chas Thompson. As we begin our preparations we pray that the experience fills our hearts and allows us to fulfil the mission set forth by the founder, St John Baptist de La Salle.

2019 Tercentenary Year

During 2019, the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Brothers), and the wider Lasallian Institute will celebrate the 300th anniversary of the death of St John Baptist de La Salle, (1719–2019). As this goes to print, I am in planning with St Bede’s, St John’s and St James’ Colleges for the 2019 Tercentenary commemoration of the death of our Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle.

I invite you to click here to read and watch Brother Superior Robert Schieler FSC’s 2019 update on how we can celebrate the Tercentenary (Year of Lasallian Vocations). This link will take you to the #300 Anthem for the Tercentenary Year “One Heart, One Commitment, One Life”. It was launched from Rome on Founder’s Day.

Year of Youth

On Monday 21 May a group of our Year 10 and 11 Leaders as well as the senior Lasallian Captains, represented De La College at Catholic Education Melbourne and the Archdiocese of Melbourne Year of Youth School Forum at St John’s College, Dandenong for an opportunity to listen and to discuss issues that are important to young leaders.

The forum featured Bishop Mark Edwards as a key presenter and international guest Mr Steve Angrisano and allowed the student leaders an opportunity to openly ask questions discuss issues that are important the youth of today and share their stories, opinions and insights with Church leaders.

There was great energy and spirit in the room amongst all the young people there, a sense of hope for the future of our church. Thank you to Mr McAlroy for attending and to the student leaders who attended on the day — as always, they represented the College in the most outstanding way.

Reconciliation Week 2018

This Sunday 27 May, marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week. The theme for 2018 is Don’t Keep History a Mystery. All Australians are invited to explore our past, learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and are encouraged to go out and seek a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our rich indigenous national history.

27 May is also the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum. On this day was Australia’s most successful referendum and saw more than 90 percent of Australians vote to give the Australian Government power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and recognise them in the census.

Reconciliation Week is a time when we reflect on and acknowledge our cultural history and the devastating and complex relationship Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders have had with colonial Australia. The week is about learning from that past as a way of reshaping the present and making a better future for all Australians.

Let us remember we are in the Holy presence of God…

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people and we pay our respects to the Elders both past and present, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and the hopes of Aboriginal Australia.

We make this statement believing that we can walk together to a better future because at De La Salle College we commit ourselves to Reconciliation.

The Reconciliation Church Prayer
by Aboriginal Elders and staff of the Reconciliation Church

God of all creation, as we journey together in this Great Southern Land, we pray for healing forgiveness and unity, creating a path of good will,

with justice and compassion.

Jesus through the power of your love, You have given us the courage, wisdom and strength to share our gifts and talents in humility.

In peace and understanding we reconcile with each other.

Creator Spirit, we come together in prayer and thanksgiving for the many blessings we have received.

Allow your Spirit to wash over us and give us strength, to walk together, as one.



St John Baptist de La Salle – Pray For Us

Live Jesus in Our Hearts – Forever

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Chaplain’s Notes

Year 7 Liturgies

This week we had the last of the Year 8 Liturgies. As of next Tuesday morning, our liturgies will be led by the Year 7 homerooms. Parents are reminded that they are most welcome to join us on Tuesday mornings in the Tiverton Chapel for an 8:15 am start. Please sign in at Reception before attending the liturgy.


First Reconciliation — Father Martin Tanti will celebrate the Sacrament of Penance in the College Chapel on Tuesday 12 June. Year 7 students have been preparing to receive this Sacrament for the first time and will gather in community with their families, as we celebrate this wonderful Sacrament of forgiveness.

First Communion has been scheduled for 18 November 2018 at 11.00 am Mass at St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly.

Confirmation will take place on Friday 10 August 2018 at 7:00pm at St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads Glen Huntly.

Some important dates for Confirmation candidates and their families

Confirmation Information night
Thursday 7 June, 7.30pm
Padua Pavilion, St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly.
It is important that all families attend this night. Please note it is for parents and the Confirmation candidates.

Retreat Day
Wednesday 1 August, 8:45am

Family Mass, Practice and Shared supper 
Tuesday 7 August, 7:30pm
St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly

Bishop’s visit with the Confirmation Candidate
Thursday 9 August, 10:00am
St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

Family Week Foursquare

To celebrate Family Week, the Lasallian Social Justice Committee organised a foursquare competition, with a $1 donation to enter.

All the funds go to CatholicCare, a social service agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Diocese of Sale. The motto for the week was Building Connections, Growing Together.

This is a game which is always played with serious competitiveness at De La and it was fantastic to see a tight competition that involved both Year 11 and Year 12 students. Just something as simple as a foursquare game allowed the students to interact with other students, different from their usual group. The game really epitomized the sense of camaraderie and family that the Lasallian Social Justice Committee aimed to achieve. We hope that the sense of family shown during this foursquare competition can filter down when the students are at home too. Thank you to all the students who participated.

Please enjoy this gallery of Family Week Foursquare action!

Mr Aaron Trusler
Lasallian Youth Minister

Monash Engineering Scholarships awarded to two 2017 Old Collegians

On Wednesday 9 May, Monash Engineering welcomed 90 first-year students, their families and representatives from their high schools to the annual Engineering Scholarship Celebration.

It was a great pleasure to represent the school and congratulate on behalf of the school community Mr Anthony Ticinovic (2017) and Mr Samuel Callaghan (2017) who were amongst the select group of recipients celebrated on the evening.

The Dean of Engineering, Professor Elizabeth Croft presented a gift to each scholarship recipient in recognition of their achievements.

Guest-speaker, Mechanical Engineering student Ms Monique Lautee presented an inspiring insight into her life at Monash University. “Engineering is about turning the theory into something useful. It’s going to challenge the way you think, the way you problem solve, the way you work with other people and it will also impact the way you see the world and your place in it,” she emphasised.

Monique’s advice to first-year students is to make the most of every opportunity and don’t be afraid to try something new. “Monash has offered me countless opportunities to not only advance my technical skills, but also to develop myself – both professionally and personally” she said.

For more information on Engineering at Monash, please click here. For more information about career pathways, visit our Careers Centre.

Sam and Anthony are pictured below at our Academic Awards assembly earlier this year.

Mrs Caroline Fitzpatrick
Careers Counsellor

Parent Network News

Mother’s Day Breakfast

What a spectacular morning and a grand celebration of our mums and carers. A big thankyou to all the volunteers and Mrs Cate Robertson who made it all possible. Our event made the Catholic Education Melbourne news!

Also check out a small selection of the wonderful photos taken on the day, leave your comment on the College Facebook page and enjoy (again) the speech given by Panos Menidis, our College Captain.

Save The Date — Saturday 11 August 2018

Whole School Parent Social Event, GG’s Restaurant, East Melbourne

Invitation To Year 7 Parents Friday 1 June 2018

To book click here.

Mr Anthony Muir
President of the Parent Network

Wellbeing News

Why are some people more successful than others?

Angela Duckworth, a researcher in America, has been investigating the concept of grit which she defines as passion and perseverance for long-term goals. Her research suggests that grit predicts high achievement by inclining individuals to show up and work very hard, constantly, towards a goal for years and even decades. Also important to success is self-control but her research has differentiated grit from self-control by demonstrating that individuals with self-control can capably manage temptations (i.e. avoid going on their i-phones, watching TV shows, going to the gym) but may not necessarily pursue a long-term goal.

Duckworth has studied famous musicians, athletes, army cadets and her research has found that those who have been more successful have spent more time engaged in;

  • deliberate practice;
  • pushing themselves out of their comfort zones;
  • seeking feedback on their performance and
  • repeatedly practising until they improved.

It is this belief in the capacity to overcome setbacks that allowed these individuals to move to the next step.

With exams coming up for students at De La Salle, many students may be disappointed with their marks. This will occur despite their persistent effort in their studies and it will be upsetting when they have not been able to obtain the score they so desperately wanted. However, one way to help your son develop grit is to help them cope with failure or setbacks. It is important for them to remember that it is impossible to learn anything without making mistakes along the way. In fact, there are several famous people who experienced failure many times over (e.g., J.K. Rowling, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan), but refused to give up. Give your son opportunities to fail in a caring, and supportive environment and if needed draw upon the strength of the word YET. This is helpful when students state “I can’t” or “I’m not able to.”

Here is a link to Angela Duckworth’s speech at Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Ceremony, 2018.

Ms Karina Dubroja
College Psychologist, Tiverton Campus

Important Notices

Fees By Instalment — Payment No.2 Due 31 May 2018

For families paying their fees in instalments as per the Fee Schedule, please note that the second payment is due by 31 May 2018. For any account enquiries, please email or contact the College on 9508 2100.

Mr Daniel McGrath
Assistant Business Manager

Shared Stories 2018

Once again in 2018, De La Salle College will be involved in the ‘Shared Stories’ anthology series alongside 26 other Catholic schools in the State. The initiative sees schools publish artworks, visual representations, and pieces of writing relating to a set theme and then launched as a formal publication for all to admire. Anthologies are stored in both the National Library of Australia and State Library of Victoria collections. It is a wonderful project that gives many students the opportunity to become published writers and artists. Amongst this privilege, each year the Australian Catholic University and other sponsors select their favourite pieces for awards.

Each year that anthology grows with last year in excess of 570 full-colour pages. Each student who is published will receive their own copy of this together with access to the online publication of their works. This year’s theme is Live Simply, Simply Live, encouraging students to interpret this in their own unique style, with the artistic and literary opportunities endless. Students will be encouraged to interpret the theme personally and to create new works, while also reflecting on the potential of their current coursework in English and Art classes as submissions.

Students will be offered the opportunity to draft, edit and refine works with teachers at the College during lunchtimes, with the final piece of work being submitted in early October. The publication will be launched in November at Star of the Sea. All participating students will have the opportunity to celebrate the results of their creative ability and efforts and recognise outstanding works from all 27 schools! Please contact Miss McBean for more information and stay tuned for a meeting next week to get involved.

Miss Patrice McBean
Media and English Teacher

Time to Shine 2018

Time to Shine 2018 is a musical celebration to showcase the extraordinary talents of youth – featuring singers, dancers and musicians from Catholic secondary schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne. This year’s production will be staged at the State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne on 28 July 2018 with two shows at 2 pm and 7.30 pm. Tickets now on sale at the Arts Centre Melbourne website. Discount tickets for group bookings (10 or more) are available by phoning 1300 182 183. Featuring almost 400 students from over 50 secondary schools, this event has become a key celebration for Catholic secondary schools in Melbourne to display the performance talents of their students. Time to Shine will also be screened on the Seven Network after the event. Here is the poster for the 2018 event, featuring De La’s very own Henry Prendergast Kruger (2016).

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students