From the Principal

Yesterday all De La Salle staff joined with Kilbreda College, Mentone, Killester College, Springvale and selected staff from Star of the Sea, Gardenvale for our annual Staff Spirituality / Formation Day. Now in its fourth year, this event is an important opportunity for all of our staff to take a break from the daily commitment to teaching, administration, students, maintenance, ICT, finance etc and join all in the school for a full day connecting with our Catholic faith.

In our frantic times, it is sometimes a little too easy to focus on the everyday demands of learning, wellbeing and co-curricular activities and forget who we are as a College and why we are here. As our Latin motto, Deo Duce (With God as Leader) reminds us, we are first and foremost a Catholic, faith-based community. Our roots are in the Lasallian tradition, but without the Catholic church, there would have been no St John Baptist de La Salle!

Our presenter and facilitator for the Formation Day was Fr Timothy Radcliffe, a Dominican friar of the English Province. Fr Timothy entered the Dominican Order in 1965 and ordained a priest in 1971. Fr Timothy taught Holy Scripture at Oxford University at Blackfriars and was elected Provincial of England in 1988. In 1992 he was elected Master of the Dominican Order and held that office until 2001. During his tenure as Master, he was ex officio Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Angelicum in Rome. In 2001, Fr Timothy resumed life as a member of the Dominican community of Oxford. He is now a highly sought-after speaker, teaching and preaching in many countries. In 2003, Fr Timothy was made an honorary Doctor of Divinity in the University of Oxford, the University’s highest honorary degree. In 2007, his book What Is the Point of Being A Christian? was honoured with The Michael Ramsey Prize for theological writing.

In 2015 Fr Timothy was named a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Fr Timothy is Patron of the International Young Leaders Network and helped launch Las Casas Institute, dealing with issues of ethics, governance and social justice.

We were very fortunate to have such an engaging, challenging and humorous speaker. Fr Timothy is currently touring Victoria and suburban Melbourne, where he has been heavily booked by Catholic schools eager to hear his views on a range of contemporary topics relevant to our church and schools. I spent two days with Fr Timothy at the Catholic Principals Conference last year and, on Tuesday night, attended his lecture at St Kevin’s where he spoke to the question of “What is the future of the Church?” During his month in Victoria, Fr Timothy is speaking to over 5000 Catholic school staff, much to the betterment of all.

Fr Timothy spoke on three main topics, selected from a list of about 24 he offered the organising team. All of his points rang true with relevance for all of us, regardless of our position, length of experience, religious affiliation or level of devotion. With his vast experience in visiting Dominican communities in so many areas of the world, including impoverished, violent and war-torn areas, Fr Timothy’s presentations, views and examples made for fascinating and relevant listening. I will provide just a snapshot of the key ideas in each one.

Keynote 1 – Let them be one: Catholic Identity

  • The unity evident within Catholic identity is a sign and symbol of the unity of humanity
  • Hope is shared, destiny is common, we must look out for each other
  • Welcome the stranger
  • Confront church abuse with honesty and compassion
  • It is not enough to simply apologise – we must know their pain and despair, share their issues
  • Respect people as equals
  • Face the failure with open eyes and hope — apply our failures and use them to build hope and renewal

Keynote 2 – What hope are we offering the young? The witness of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East

  • The young are the future, in these areas especially
  • The future belongs to those who teach the young to hope
  • If you want hope, go to the places that seem hopeless
  • Hope and optimism so important, and where life is grim there is hope in God
  • Look for the creativity in our students to express hope

Keynote 3 — Can we all feel at home in the Church?

  • Jesus welcomes all unconditionally, now and always
  • We’re all invited to belong if we want (Church, school, Christian society ) — the paradox is that at the same time Jesus said be perfect, forgive, walk the extra mile, be holy
  • Any friendship worthy of the name changes you for the better
  • Best friends make you believe you can do things you didn’t believe you could do — the role of teachers crucial here in supporting students
  • If you protest against church teaching and feel you cannot belong, you actually fit in! The church needs protestors to debate and challenge

The three keynotes were followed by a Panel Session with Fr Timothy and two staff representatives from each of the four schools.

In following themes of the importance of listening, questioning, hope and acceptance Fr Timothy had valuable and positive messages for us all. His engaging, challenging, humorous and relevant presentations made for a wonderful day reflecting on our Catholic faith and identity and where it fits in our daily work at De La Salle.

Mr Peter Houlihan

Deputy Principals’ Column

Faith and Mission

St Edwin’s House St Vincent de Paul Winter Sleep Out

This evening, Friday 10 August, St Edwin’s House will once again host the St Vincent de Paul Winter Sleep Out. In the spirit of prayer and respect for our brothers and sisters who find themselves sleeping on our city streets, the event will help to think about how we can remember those who are forgotten on our streets, and with St John Baptist de La Salle as our model and guide, be known for our compassion and sensitivity to those in need and passion to serve others.

Congratulations to St Edwin’s House Coordinator, Ms Jessica Stevenson and the St Edwin’s Student Leadership Team for their commitment and organisation of this worthy and important cause.

Reflection on Frederic Oznam – Founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society

Frederic Ozanam, the founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society was well respected and held with great esteem in the Sorbonne University of Paris. Yet despite his high distinction and status, he still found time to visit, talk with and assist poor families. Frederic Ozanam reminds us that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is anchored in the experience of going out and visiting the poor and in living in solidarity with and understanding the struggles of the poor and needy. The St Vincent de Paul Society is not just about dispensing food and clothing to the poor—but they are committed to being dispensers of love and compassion, the same way that Christ was. Just like the story of The Good Samaritan in the Gospel of St Luke (10:29–37), our God calls us to treat all our neighbours, especially the least, the last and the lost with love and compassion, and Jesus asks all of us, to “go and do the same.”

Staff Formation Day

Each year, the staff at De La Salle gather for the annual Staff Formation Day. This year we joined together and combined the day with staff from Kilbreda, Killester and Star of the Sea Colleges, to listen to keynote speaker, Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, a very popular and respected scholar. Fr Timothy proved to be an engaging, challenging and very funny speaker on the day who provided much relevance, meaning and thought-provoking ideas around the themes of our Formation Day.

The day provided us with an opportunity to pause for reflection, allowing us to engage in a deeper relationship with God, the Church, self and our community. As each of the four College communities gathered together on the day, we were reminded of the importance of growing in our love of God and our neighbour, that we continue to build communities whose spirit is one of compassion, love and respect. Because this is the only way to be like God: Be compassionate, as your Father is compassionate. (Luke 6:36)

Charitable Donations

Thank you for all the generous donations we have already received! A reminder to all families to please continue sending in donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries. Your donation will support one of the following organisations;

  • Primary – St Joseph’s Outreach Centre, South Yarra
  • 7 to 9 – Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda
  • 10 to 12 – Malvern Emergency Food Program

There is a real need each winter season to support as many struggling families and individuals go without. As Lasallians, we are called to do the work of Jesus Christ and, in the words of our founder St John Baptist de La Salle, “make Christ known to others.”

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Staff and Operations

School Improvement Annual Surveys

The School Improvement survey process is an annual event for the College. It is part of the School Improvement Framework and is conducted on behalf of Catholic Education Melbourne. The SIF survey process in the current form commenced in 2012. Each year it has provided critical information for the school review that followed, with a School Improvement Plan, Strategic Plan and an Annual Action Plan emerging as a direct result.

Independent research company Insight SRC conducts the surveys. The same surveys are used across the state school sector and the Catholic school sector. All staff at the College are surveyed along with a random sample of students and parents. Selected families will receive a letter from the College with instructions including an individual login and password. Online surveys can be accessed from Monday 6 August to Friday 24 August. The survey takes about 20 -30 min to complete.

The College is fundamentally committed to using the information from the surveys to develop our De La Salle College Improvement Plan. The surveys will help lead to improvement and we need a strong response rate from parents to get a comprehensive picture. We certainly want to hear about the areas where you believe we could improve. We also want to hear where you feel we are going well. Sometimes with this sort of survey, a potential respondent might feel that being generally happy with the College, they don’t need to complete the survey. Please give us the good news as well! The surveys themselves are absolutely confidential. The returns go directly to Insight SRC and the College does not receive any individual responses. We will only receive the summarised data. Thank you in anticipation of your support for our ongoing improvement.

Mr Tom Ryan 
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations 

Sport News


Congratulations to James Suffolk, Year 9, who was selected to represent the Victorian State team. We wish James and his Southern Crosse teammates the best of luck for their upcoming games, scheduled to be played in the September school holidays.

Mr Andrew Wozencroft
Year 9 Coordinator

Parent Network News

The De La Salle Parent Network is excited to bring back one of our favourite events – The annual Father’s Day Breakfast.

This event will be held in the College Gymnasium, on Friday 24 August 2018, 7:15am — 8:40am. Adults $15, Students $10.
Don’t delay! Book now, as like last year, tickets are sure to sell out! Please book your tickets here.

A Cocktail Party — Major Parent Network Fundraiser for 2018

Let’s have a night out, let’s come together
Let’s celebrate our Lasallian journey… without our sons!

The De La Salle Parent Network is looking forward to our major annual social event for 2018, “A Cocktail Party” to be held on Saturday at the fabulous award-winning GG Restaurant and Bar, with its backdrop of the Fitzroy Gardens at 158 Clarendon Street, East Melbourne. We have a fabulous trio “Lady and The Tramp” to entertain us in what will be an informal event, no seating plans, just mingle! Enjoy a complimentary beer or bubbles, grazing cocktail menu together with great company and some good old-fashioned fun.

Dress code: Cocktail
Ladies: a frock and fancy shoes. Gents: lounge suit, sports jacket and a tie… if you like!

Mr Anthony Muir
President, Parent Network

Important Notices

Achievement and Recognition — Lasallian Zeal

The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal aims to enhance the positive learning community whereby students feel respected and valued. It seeks to affirm and develop positive learning behaviours. The Achievement and Recognition Policy – Lasallian Zeal encourages students to set higher goals for themselves and to achieve their personal best. Motivation to learn is dramatically impacted by being successful.

The five Core Lasallian Principles encompass the categories of achievement and recognition and will be known as Lasallian Zeal. Students will build up nominations over the course of their time at De La Salle College.

Students will receive a certificate and a Lasallian Zeal badge in the appropriate colour as described below.

  • Bronze Lasallian Zeal 10 awards in any category
  • Silver Lasallian Zeal 20 awards (10 Bronze Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Gold Lasallian Zeal 30 awards (20 Silver Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
  • Platinum Lasallian Zeal 40 awards (30 Gold Lasallian Zeal plus two in each category)
Student Name House Mentor Group Award
Thomas Andrewartha Mark’s 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal
Blair Hunter Leo’s 9 Benilde Bronze Zeal

Congratulations to Blair Hunter and Thomas Andrewartha, Year 9 students, who received their Bronze Zeal awards at the Tiverton Academic Awards Assembly on Friday 27 July.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal — Students

Important Dates

Important upcoming dates in the College Calendar.

Year 10 Shape Your Destiny Workshop — SMT, 9:00am — 12:00pm
Australian Mathematics Competition — Gymnasium, 1:35pm — 3:00pm
St Vinnies Winter Sleepout — Kinnoull Campus, 6:00pm Friday 10 August to 7:00am Saturday 11 August
Confirmation — St Anthony’s Glenhuntly, 7:00pm — 9:00pm
Parent Network Annual Social Event — GG Restaurant, 7:30pm — 9:30pm
Confirmation — St Anthony’s Glenhuntly, 11:00am
Time and Space: Year 8 Father and Son Night — Gymnasium, 7:00pm — 9:00pm
College Liturgy: Feast of the Assumption — Gymnasium, 8:55am — 9:49am
Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews (Year 4 — 12) — Gymnasium, 2:00pm — 8:30pm
Year 7, 2020 application period closes (as per CEM)
One Year ‘Re-visited’ College Reunion — Racecourse Hotel, Malverm, 5:00pm — 7:00pm
Book Week — 18 August to 24 August
Victorian Interschool Snowsports Competition — 21 August to 24 August, Mt Buller
Primary Book Week Parade — PAC, 9:00am — 9:30am
Intermediate Debating, Public Speaking and Drama — Mazenod College, Mulgrave, 10:00am — 2:00pm
ACC Open Chess Tournament, Simonds College, St Brigid’s Campus, North Fitzroy, 10:00am — 2:00pm

From the Principal

Welcome back for Term 3. I trust that all our De La Salle families had an opportunity to down tools in the term break, however briefly, and take advantage of the chance to spend time with family and friends.

While the school year is demanding for students at all levels and we expect each of them to strive to achieve their personal best, it is also crucial to plan the year well and take a break when we can. It is through this careful and strategic approach we can keep our energy levels and performance standards where they need to be each month.

In this Duce, I would like to write briefly about the importance of family engagement in ensuring a young man’s success in his schooling. You will probably have heard me speak at various functions about the importance of community, of parents’ involvement and of partnership between staff, parents and students.

In the recent term break I undertook a Principals’ leadership course and one of the key topics was family engagement, defined as, “the various ways that a child’s adult caretaker (biological parents, foster parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.), at home, school or in the community, effectively support children’s learning.” The Latin root of the word “engagement” is “engare” which means to make a formal agreement, to contract with; to pledge; an obligation to do something. Clearly, we all have an obligation to do all we can to support our students in their learning and school experience in general.

Students with ‘Engaged Families’;

  • Exhibit faster rates of literacy acquisition
  • Earn higher grades and test scores
  • Enrol in higher-level programs
  • Adapt better to school and attend more regularly
  • Have better social skills and behaviour
  • Complete secondary and go on to higher education (Dr Karen L. Mapp, 2018)

It is in this context that I am encouraging parents to work closely with their Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 students in the coming weeks as we navigate the 2019 Subject Selection process.

Success in the senior years depends largely on careful research and planning, high levels of organisation and a precise understanding of the subjects one chooses and their assessment implications. Discussion, collaboration and interaction between teachers, students and parents is an intrinsic feature of the process. When parents are part of the procedure, aware of and supportive of the school’s advice and processes, and support their sons with high expectations there is a higher degree of success in making appropriate course selections.

At De La Salle we have a tremendous tradition of community; an environment where we support our own and look after each other for the general betterment of the Lasallian community we all enjoy being a part of. In the next few weeks, we have the Subject Selection process and the Semester 2 parent/teacher interviews. The planning and protocols around both these important periods on the school calendar are designed to maximise students’ learning and progress. Effective family-school partnerships support student progress and overall school improvement. They also connect families’ knowledge and engagement to the students’ learning. As a school, we at De La Salle strive to create and maintain a welcoming and inviting culture, where parents feel well-informed and supported. This, in turn, is designed to enable and empower parents to support, encourage and monitor their sons.

A good deal of information, advice and support is provided to students around what’s expected of them in class and assessments. Many teachers also make this available to parents via email, via OLLIE and in conversations. I would encourage all our parents to continue to engage with your sons’ learning as Semester 2 rolls on. In this way, we can develop increased consistency around academic expectations and standards and work together to best ensure our students’ ongoing development, progression, learning and wellbeing. Surely, noble goals for all in our community.

Mr Peter Houlihan

Deputy Principals’ Column

Faith and Mission

Welcome back to Term 3 after what was hopefully a restful break for all of our families.

During this break, I travelled to Manhattan College in New York to commence my second year of Lasallian Studies at The Buttimer Institute. This is an intensive Lasallian education and formation course that studies the life, work and spirituality of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the origins of the Lasallian Educational Mission. The second year of the course was a detailed and extensive study on St La Salle’s educational vision and my time was spent studying closely the readings, writings and reflections of his text, “The Conduct of the Christian Schools.”

If there is one thing I learned during my Buttimer Two studies, it is that St John Baptist de La Salle was a great synthesizer, and he proved to be very good at tuning in to what was or was not happening in education at the time and drawing from that to develop methods for education, which have become, essentially what we know and recognise many of them to be today.

My reflections this year whilst away at Buttimer, have led me to a deeper understanding that as Lasallian’s we are called to doing God’s work and the work of St La Salle by touching the hearts of our students and inspiring them with the Christian faith. To accompany them on their journey and to know that to truly touch hearts, begins with the formation of the heart. The approach through the heart is what led de La Salle to use the Gospel parable of the Good Shepard to compare the teacher to a shepherd who is responsible for leading their sheep and watching over them. The sheep need to know their shepherd, but to know them, we must also allow them to know us.

Live Jesus in our hearts – Forever!

Charitable Donations

In the lead up to our Social Justice Mass at the end of Term 3, families will receive communication requesting their generous support by donating a range of non-perishable food items and toiletries.

The donations will support one of the three following organisations;

  • Primary – St Joseph’s Outreach Centre, South Yarra
  • 7 to 9 – Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda
  • 10 to 12 – Malvern Emergency Food Program

There is a pressing need each winter season to support as many struggling families and individuals as we can. As Lasallian’s, we are called to do the work of Jesus Christ and in the words of our founder St. John Baptist de La Salle, “make Christ known to others.”

Year 10 Reflection Days

At the heart of the mission of the College is to nurture the faith of our students. It is hoped that the Reflection Day, will allow students to spend some time discerning, reflecting and revisiting the Lasallian charism and the place of faith in their life. Students will make their own way to and from the venue. Attendance is compulsory. Students have been asked to bring their own recess, lunch and drink as per a normal school day. Students will not be permitted to leave the venue to purchase food. Students are permitted to wear their sport uniform on the day. Parents are asked to please ensure that they have read and signed the online consent form.

Wednesday 1 August 2018, 8:30am — 2:45pm

Houses Supervising R.E. Teachers and Class Mentors Venue
St Austin’s and St Mark’s Mr Tom Ryan, Mr Shane Mackintosh, Mr Paul Harrup, Mrs Catherine Loft, Mrs Marta Webster, Mr Chris Church, Mr Ben Williamson St Joseph’s Outreach Services, 30–54 Fitzgerald St. South Yarra
St Edwin’s and St Leo’s Miss Jessica Stevenson, Mr Michael Watty, Mr Graeme Lawler, Mrs Grace Giudice, Mrs Christine Bassilli, Mrs Rana Brogan Syndal Baptist Centre, 588 High Street Road, Glen Waverly

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission


Tomorrow Man

On Day One of our recent Staff Professional Learning Days, we enjoyed a keynote address from Tom Bell of Tomorrow Man. Tom asked, “What does it mean to be a bloke today? And what do we want it to look like tomorrow?” Tom’s personal sharing about positive masculinity, building social capital and strengthening emotional muscle really struck a chord with staff.

In the same vein, consider this video of a tradie talking about violence against women that has gone viral.

A young Latrobe Valley dad is calling on Australian men to change rape culture, starting with their language. A diesel mechanic in the forestry industry, Jakson Elfring said he often pulled up his colleagues and mates for using sexist language or for making inappropriate comments. Mr Elfring, from Hazelwood, south-east of Melbourne, posted a video on social media telling men to have more respect for women, after he and his partner noticed a string of sexual assaults being reported on the news.

I thought about it for a couple of hours,” Mr Elfring said. “This is something I should actually talk about to try and make a change and having respect for your mum is good start.”

Benjamin Hewitt attains Australian Scout Medallion

Year 9 student Benjamin Hewitt has achieved a milestone in Scouting as the recipient of the Australian Scouting Medallion. Benjamin belongs to the 5th/6th Moorabbin Central Venturer Unit, and the award represents sustained effort over many months and years. Only a small percentage reach this level, and we congratulate Benjamin on his self-discipline, teamwork and leadership.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Staff and Operations

Academic Awards Assemblies

Academic Awards assemblies will be held on Friday 27 July in the College Gymnasium. These awards recognise student academic excellence and endeavour.

  • The Kinnoull Campus Assembly will be held during Period 1 (8.55 am – 9.50 am)
  • The Tiverton Campus Assembly will be held during Period 3 (11.05 am – 12.00 pm)

Parents, guests and awardees are invited to morning tea in Tiverton Library at the conclusion for each of the assemblies.

Parent/ Teacher Interviews

Semester 2 parent/teacher interviews will be held on Wednesday 8 August and Thursday 16 August. All students will be dismissed at 12:50 pm.

Secondary parents
Parent/teacher interviews run from 2.00 pm – 8.30 pm in the College Gymnasium. Staff have a dinner break from 5.30pm until 6.30pm. Students are expected to attend the parent/teacher interviews in College uniform. The schedule for booking arrangements for the second parent/teacher interview session is as follows:

  • Friday 27 July — PTO bookings re-open to parents for session 1 (6.00 am)
  • Monday 6 August — PTO bookings close to parents for session 1 (11.59pm)
  • Friday 10 August — PTO bookings re-open to parents for session 2 (12.00 pm)
  • Tuesday 14 August — PTO bookings close to parents for session 2 (11.59pm)

Parents, please note that there may be times in the schedule when staff are blocked out as unavailable. There are a number of reasons that may have caused this; including ACC Sport fixtures, part-time staff and staff illness. All teaching staff will make every effort to make contact you if they are away and you cannot see them. Please contact them to let them know you were unable to make an interview time with them.

Primary parents
Primary parent/teacher interviews will also be held on Wednesday 8 August and Thursday 16 August. Interviews will be 15 minutes in duration for all year levels and will be held in the new Science and Technology Centre. Year 6 in room T512, Year 5 in room T515 and Year 4 in room T514. Please refer to the email sent by Mrs Anette Phillips about the booking process.

Staff Formation Day — Thursday 9 August

The College will be closed on Thursday 9 August 2018. No facilities will be available on this day. All De La Salle College staff will combine with staff from Killester College, Kilbreda College and Star of the Sea College for a spirituality day.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations

In9uiry — City Experience Expo Evening

The air was abuzz with excitement as students put the final touches to presentations that had taken hours to create, the new Science and Technology Centre was awash with colour and light and ‘choc-a-block’ full of interesting presentations, videos and projects — there was even a coffee machine!

The Year 9 students were ready to discuss the results of months of research, surveys and their time in the Melbourne CBD. The Year 9 City Experience Expo was open for business!

Parents who braved the freezing cold evening on Thursday 28 June had the opportunity to marvel at what their sons had produced in answer to challenges students felt faced the City of Melbourne. Our students’ articulate responses to the results of inquiries were diverse, interesting and relevant to the City.

All students are to be congratulated for their efforts both in how they presented the results of their reports and the conversations they had with their parents and guests.

There were many outstanding presentations, but special mention goes to the People’s Choice Award-winning group of Will Dwyer, Max Kovacevic (pictured, left) and James Suffolk (pictured, right) with ‘Which jobs in the CBD are going to be affected by the advancement of technology?’ and the Principal’s Award-winning group of Thomas Andrewartha, Patrick Hassett and George Batziakas with ‘How would everyday life be affected if Public Transport replaced all the cars in the CBD?’

On behalf of all the Year 9 students, I would like to thank the homeroom teachers for their encouragement and support in helping their homerooms to prepare for the evening. I am very grateful for all the hard work that Mr Stephen Brick (9 Benilde), Ms Sharni Folland (9 Dunstan), Ms Patrice McBean (9 Hegarty), Ms Emma Fairclough (9 Jerome), Ms Emily Ryan (9 Roland), Mr Andrew Devlin (9 Solomon) and Mr Shaun Buckley (9 Vincent) put in to make the City Experience something our students embraced, enjoyed and learned so much from.

Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
In9uiry Coordinator

Benjamin Hewitt attains Australian Scout Med

Music Notes

The De La Salle Saxophone Quartet took out third place in the 2018 Annual Clasax Performance Competition for clarinet and saxophone players. The competition, held at Fintona Girls’ School, Balwyn on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June, saw our Saxophone Ensemble of Year 12 students Jordan Burns and Maxell Harvey, Year 11 student Joel Thompson and Year 10 student Dylan Clarke, perform three pieces.

The adjudicator complimented the ensemble on their great contrast in styles, good dynamics and convincing performance. Congratulations to the saxophonists and their conductor, Ms Penny Karahalios!

Intermediate Band Report

Last term, the intermediate band performed at an assembly for St Joseph’s Primary School in Malvern. We were playing a piece called ‘Jetstream’. It had a big start and built up to a giant finish, much like a jet taking off. It was a lot of fun playing the piece and the kids liked it so much they asked for us to do it a second time. We played it again after the assembly and all the kids got up to dance.

We were performing at St Joseph’s because of Friendship Fair. This is a day the students look forward to where you come to school in your pyjamas, go in competitions and get lots of lollies and other food. All of the money raised is put towards a foster kid named Ellie who attends the St Jude’s School in Tanzania. Ellie lives in a country where there aren’t many opportunities for children her age, but with the help of St Joseph’s, Ellie and her classmates received over $1,000 to support them in their education.

Report by Harry McInenny, Year 9

Ms Cindy Frost
Director of Music

Sport News


Congratulations to Year 9 student Xavier Fernandez who was selected to represent Victoria in the Under 15 Boys National Hockey Championships in Wollongong. Xavier went on to represent his regional zone, the Tigers, in the Under 15 Junior State Championships in the July holidays. Xavier is a highly valued member of the Year 9 ACC Hockey team who convincingly defeated St Bernard’s College in their first game. It has been fantastic to see hockey at De La Salle grow in popularity and see our teams increased success in recent seasons.

Mr Andrew Wozencroft
Year 9 Coordinator

Year 11 student Elias Fernandez has just returned from a successful tour to South Africa representing the Under 17 Australian Schoolboys Hockey Team. The 16-day tour involved three practice games and three test matches against the South African Under 18 National side. The team won all their lead up matches quite convincingly and all players showed strength in their roles throughout these games. The test matches were extremely well attended and the atmosphere during the games was full of excitement and tension.

The team drew their first two test matches. Both were high-intensity with excellent skill shown across the playing group. The third match was built up as the decider and didn’t disappoint. The Under 17 team dominated and won the ultra-competitive 6–3 game. Elias mainly played a striker position #11, scoring one of the winning goals in the final match.

The tour also included some cultural and educational experiences; going to Robben Island, Shakaland, a game drive sighting buffalo, elephants, giraffes, and the LIV Orphanage Village.

Congratulations, Elias!

Ms Jessica Stevenson
St Edwin’s House Coordinator


Year 12 student Sean MacDonald has been selected to represent Australia in the upcoming Under 18 Asian championship tournament to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from Sunday 5 August to Saturday 11 August. Congratulations and best of luck in the championship, Sean!

Mr John McAlroy
Director of Students, Years 10 — 12

House News

St Austin’s House Charity Week

During Week 10 in Term 2, St Austin’s House raised awareness for their House charity, The Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office in Melbourne. Throughout the week the daily prayers focused on reflections for refugees and migrants to Australia.

Other activities for the week included;

  • Each morning during Homeroom a video link was used to share with students a recent story or experience of a migrant or refugee to Australia.
  • A Detention4Detention was held on Kinnoull campus during a lunchtime.
  • A casual clothes day was organised for the whole school with a gold coin donation collected to support the House charity.
  • Posters were placed throughout the College promoting awareness for refugees and migrants.
  • A BBQ was arranged at Kinnoull with the kind support of Coles Malvern who donated all of the soft drinks.

Throughout the week we were able to raise $1,630.00 that will go directly towards the programs that support migrants and refugees in Melbourne. Thank you to all of the students and staff who supported the week.

Mr Shane Mackintosh
St Austin’s House Coordinator Years 10–12

House Cross Country

After a great House Cross Country week at the end of Term 2, the results were in! In fourth place on 219.2 points, St Marks House. In third place with 223.9 points, St Austin’s House. In second place with a total of 224 points was St Edwin’s House leaving St Leo’s House in first place with a total of 240.9! Congratulations to all the participants, especially those in the Blue Army of St Leo’s.

Mr Michael Wilson
House Sport Coordinator

Bienvenue to French Students at De La Salle

De La Salle College warmly welcomes students visiting from Bordeaux, France to our school; Enzo Casas, Quentin Maligne, Erwan Trimoreau and Sacha Van De Mosselaer.

These boys are being hosted by their De La Salle “brothers” and will be attending all their classes for the next three weeks. When our De La Salle French students travel to Bordeaux in September this year, the families of these boys will host them. This Language Exchange has been organised as part of the French Language and Cultural Study Tour, 2018. It is an excellent opportunity for students to experience not only the language they are studying but also the lifestyle and culture of the country and people.

Nous accueillons les étudiants à De La Salle College, Malvern. Bienvenue!

Mrs Grace Giudice
Learning Area Team Leader- Languages

Lasallian Volunteering in 2019

In 2019, the Lasallian Mission Council is offering a fulfilling opportunity for ex-students to volunteer overseas or around Australia in another Lasallian school.

This is an 11-month program, where ex-students will be dedicating their time to other Lasallians in communities who need the assistance more than we do. This program has been going on for many years, with 20 current volunteers from all around Australia. This program is very similar to the 2-week program in De La Salle, Bomana for Year 11 students and the 4-week Yaluwo program in Sri Lanka for Year 12 students, however, it is more extensive. Volunteers live within the Brothers community and assist more within the school itself.

This program is a perfect opportunity for those who want to take a ‘gap year’ next year. In my role as Lasallian Youth Minister, I have been lucky enough to meet all of the Lasallian Volunteers. They all indicate that the program provides an opportunity to explore your inner life and develop your personal values in a meaningful way that has a sense of direction and purpose. Here you will be able to see a noticeable difference in other people’s lives.

We were lucky enough to have Joel Harris, St James Youth Minister, who went to LaSalle Middle Swan in WA, join us to talk to the Year 12 students about this opportunity. Joel spoke about his experience there, inspiring myself and the students in the room. Joel said “looking back now I believe I made the right choice as I see the difference I continually make to the kids, and the changes I see in myself.”

Participating in the program is at no cost to the volunteers. Food, board and flights will be paid for, as well as having an $80 allowance each week. There is an introduction at the start of the year and a debrief at the end of the year with all the other Lasallian Volunteers around the ANZPPNG region. These sessions are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Applications officially close this Friday 26 July, but the Lasallian Volunteers will continue to accept applications until 8 August 2018. Some students have already applied, but for those still considering or have any questions, please email me:

Aaron Trusler
Lasallian Youth Minister

Parent Network News

The De La Salle Parent Network warmly invite all our families to our major annual social event for 2018, “A Cocktail Party” to be held on Saturday 11 August, 2018.

A Cocktail Party — Major Parent Network Fundraiser for 2018

Let’s have a night out, let’s come together
Let’s celebrate our Lasallian journey… without our sons!

This year, the Parent Network has put the ever-popular race day to rest, just for now… We thought it time for some fine food, great wine and dancing! This is an opportunity for families in our Lasallian community to join together for a night of nights, let your hair down, kick up your heels and have a night off — we all deserve it!

The Cocktail Party is being held at the fabulous award-winning GG Restaurant and Bar, with its backdrop of the Fitzroy Gardens at 158 Clarendon Street, East Melbourne. We have a fabulous trio “Lady and The Tramp” to entertain us in what will be an informal event, no seating plans, just mingle! Enjoy a complimentary beer or bubbles, grazing cocktail menu together with great company and some good old-fashioned fun. So drop your frock into the dry cleaners, dust off your dancing shoes, and let’s make a night of it!

Tickets are selling quickly, so book today!

Dress code: Cocktail
Ladies: a frock and fancy shoes. Gents: lounge suit, sports jacket and a tie… if you like!

Book here:

Mrs Jo McAuliffe
Parent Network

Save the Date

Father’s Day Breakfast — Friday 24 August 2018

Mr Anthony Muir
President, Parent Network

Important Notices

Lasallian Volunteering in 2019

Are you looking for the opportunity of a lifetime? Lasallian Volunteers offer both short and long-term placements in communities across Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. They provide service opportunities for dedicated volunteers within Lasallian schools and communities. Working alongside local staff you will be able to share your knowledge, upskill others or just lend a hand. Volunteering in the Lasallian programs will offer a world of opportunities for knowledge and personal growth. Working alongside local staff you will be able to share your knowledge, upskill others or just lend a hand.

For more information and a copy of the application form, visit Lasallian Volunteers. Please read Mr Aaron Trusler’s article in this issue of the Duce.

VTAC Information Night — Wednesday 1 August

A reminder to Year 12 parents and students of the VTAC Information Night on Wednesday 1 August at 7:00pm in the College Gymnasium. This is an important night to attend, as the information you will be given is about the VTAC application process which opens on 6 August.

Key Dates

  • 6 August — Registrations open
  • 6 August — Course, SEAS and scholarship applications open
  • 27 September — Timely course applications close
  • 27 September — Late applications open
  • 12 October — SEAS applications close

Mrs Caroline Fitzpatrick
Careers Counsellor

Time & Space — Year 8 Father and Son Night

The annual De La Salle Time & Space for Stepping Up event will be held on Monday 13 August, in the College Gymnasium. This event is specially designed for Year 8 students and their father or an adult male mentor. Following on from the successful Time & Space Mother-Son Night experience last year, this event will enable participants to pause and acknowledge the journey both parent/guardian and son have made to arrive at this moment in his life. With the assistance of the De La Salle community, you will be led through an engaging evening which involves both discussion groups and a significant ‘one-on-one’ time with your son. We would love you and your son to take part in what promises to be a special evening.

If a student’s father is not able to attend, a grandfather, uncle or other male mentor is welcome. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss inviting someone from your family or community who can be the ‘mentor’ for your son on the night.

When: Monday 13 August, 2018, 6:45pm for 7:00pm start
Where: Gymnasium
Dress: Neat casual
Register: Click here. You will know you are registered when you receive a confirmation email from Time & Space.
Enquiries: Please call reception on (03) 9508 2100

I look forward to seeing many of you at this special event.

Miss Sarah O’Connor
Personal Development Coordinator

Updated 2018 ASCIA Anaphylaxis Action Plans

Following an extensive review by the Australasian Society for Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), the following updated 2018 versions of ASCIA Action Plans are now available on the ASCIA website.

ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis have been developed as a concise and easy to follow, single page documents to assist in the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis, as part of a comprehensive anaphylaxis management plan. The plans are medical documents that should be completed and signed by the treating medical or nurse practitioner.

Please note, although 2018 versions of ASCIA Action Plans are now available, the 2017 or 2016 versions are still valid for use in 2018 if the “review date” is in 2018 or later.

The main changes to the plans (compared to the 2017 versions) are as follows:

  1. New generic versions of ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis have been developed for use with any brand of adrenaline (epinephrine) auto-injector, with no mention of brand names or brand specific instructions.
  2. Updated EpiPen brand-specific versions of ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis include “How to use EpiPen”. However, to ensure consistency with the generic plans the EpiPen brand name is not mentioned elsewhere.
  3. To reduce the risk of prescribing or dispensing the incorrect dose of adrenaline auto-injector, ASCIA prescribing guidelines are now included on each plan: Adrenaline autoinjectors (300 mcg) are prescribed for children over 20kg and adults; Adrenaline autoinjectors (150 mcg) are prescribed for children 10–20kg.
  4. To minimise the risk of inappropriate treatment and prevent allergic reactions to ticks, the following updated information is included on each plan “For tick allergy seek medical help or freeze tick and let it drop off”.
  5. As a result of new research data, the following wording has been added to each plan “If adrenaline is accidentally injected (e.g. into a thumb) follow this action plan if a person has anaphylaxis and phone your local poisons information centre”.

ASCIA Action Plan — Red EpiPen
ASCIA Action Plan — Green EpiPen

Due to the recent Australia wide shortage of adrenaline autoinjectors (EpiPens), a number of student EpiPens are now out of date and the College is in the process of contacting families affected. Local pharmacies have now returned to full stocks of adrenaline autoinjectors. It is expected all students at risk of anaphylaxis reactions supply the College with a spare adrenaline autoinjector (EpiPen).

Mrs Kylie Upton
Health Centre

ACCent on Music 2018 – 18 September at Hamer Hall

The ACC Concert, “ACCent on Music”, will be held at Hamer Hall (Arts Centre Melbourne), on Tuesday, September 18 at 7:00pm. This will be a wonderful celebration of the individual and collective musical talents of the students across our twelve member schools. This is the third time that we have undertaken an event of this magnitude and there has been a significant amount of preparation carried out by a wide range of people. It promises to be a remarkable evening of entertainment at the premier concert venue in Victoria.

Tickets are $20 and on sale now from The Arts Centre Melbourne. Make sure to use the DELASALLE promo code when you purchase your tickets!

Time to Shine 2018

Time to Shine 2018 is a musical celebration to showcase the extraordinary talents of youth – featuring singers, dancers and musicians from Catholic secondary schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne. This year’s production will be staged at the State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne on 28 July 2018 with shows at 2pm and 7.30pm. Tickets now on sale at the Arts Centre Melbourne website. Discount tickets for group bookings (10 or more) are available by phoning 1300 182 183. Featuring almost 400 students from over 50 secondary schools, this event has become a key celebration for Catholic secondary schools in Melbourne to display the performance talents of their students. Time to Shine will also be screened on the Seven Network after the event.

Important Dates

Important upcoming dates on the College calendar.

Kinnoull Academic Awards Assembly — Gymnasium, 9:49am — 10:43am
Tiverton Academic Awards Assembly — Gymnasium, 11:05am — 11:59am
College Tour — SMT, 2:00pm — 3:45pm
Ten Year College Reunion — Racecourse Hotel, Malvern, 7:30pm — 10:30pm
Wilcannia Indigenous Community Experience 2018 (VCAL) 30 July to 9 August — Wilcannia, NSW
Year 10 Reflection Day — St Austin’s and St Mark’s Houses — St Joseph’s Outreach Services, South Yarra, 8:30am — 2:45pm
Year 10 Reflection Day — St Leo’s and St Edwin’s Houses — Syndal Baptist Church, Glen Waverley, 8:30pm — 2:45pm
Year 12 VTAC Information Session — Gymnasium, 7:00pm — 8:30pm
Parents as Career Transition Support (PACTS) Evening — Kinnoull Library, 7:00pm — 8:30pm
Year 8 Academic Assessment Services Testing — Gymnasium, 8:50am — 1:00pm
Music Tour — 6 August to 9 August, Paynesville
Parent Network Committee Meeting — College Boardroom, 7:30pm — 9:30pm
College Tour — SMT, 9:15am — 11:00am
Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews (Year 4–12) — Gymnasium, 2:00pm — 8:30pm
Staff Formation Day — No classes for students
Year 10 Shape Your Destiny Workshop — SMT, 9:00am — 12:00pm
Australian Mathematics Competition — Gymnasium, 1:35pm — 3:00pm
St Vinnies Winter Sleepout — Kinnoull Campus, 6:00pm to 7:00am
Sacrament of Confirmation — St Anthony’s Church, Glen Huntly, 7:00pm — 8:30pm

New Science and Technology Centre

De La Salle College is proud to announce the opening of our new Science and Technology Centre. Open to classes from June 2018, the new centre, located on our Tiverton Campus is designed to maximise student engagement, inspiring our students to further their studies in these learning areas and develop the STEM skills they need for future success.

The core of the design maximises differentiated spaces; in the labs, mobile workstations allow re-configuration of the space to suit the activity, adjacent classroom spaces are geared to students learning in environments for theoretical work while a central area includes a presentation space, accommodating a whole group in a tiered seating array – ideal for demonstrations. Surrounding spaces are configured for individual student and small group collaboration.

With the help of two of our Tiverton Campus Captains, the College has prepared a virtual tour of the new centre. The centre will also be open to visitors on our College Tours.

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From the Principal

The tragic death last week of 22-year-old Eurydice Dixon in North Carlton and the resultant call for men to modify their behaviour towards women brought home many of the values we work to instil in our young men here at Malvern. Respect for all persons is, of course, one of the Five Core Principles of a Lasallian Education, central to all we do and all our relationships here in our College.

It is critical for our young men to be mindful of the way they interact with each other, with their teachers, Coordinators and the wider staff, with their families and with members of the community. It is never too early (or even too late!) to grasp, appreciate and practice the obligation for genuine respect for those around you. Without dwelling on the negative, because anybody who knows our students will report they are tremendous young men, who set such a fine example for each other in so many situations, the call via messages in the media demanding young men be better educated around their treatment of women is worthy of comment.

Perhaps it’s a sad indictment on our community that it takes a needless death like Ms Dixon’s to remind us, but if any good can come out of such tragedy, it does add impetus and emphasis to a boys’ school’s program on supporting our students on their path to being great young men.

An enormous amount of work is being done by our Wellbeing Team is this area via formal programs and informal advice, support, conversations and expectations. The smallest act of kindness to a peer, the simplest act of respect for a staff member, the basic decision-making process choosing right over wrong all build character and responsibility. These are the traits we want in our Lasallians as they navigate adolescence.

Last Sunday’s Gospel was Mark’s Parable of the Growing Seed, with the essential theme of “from little things, big things grow.” The passage tells of a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.” The parable of the mustard seed calls attention to the surprising contrast between the small size of its beginnings and the large shrub, which is the fruit of its growth. It is my hope that out of the smallest acts of respect, responsibility and kindness, our students will experience the growth of the mustard bush!

On a similar path, the extract below from a Lasallian text is a salient tale in relation to the simple virtues of respect and inclusivity. It is in these often humble and unassuming ways our young men can prove themselves truly respectful and inclusive and make a positive impact on those around them.

Treated as if I Belonged

The first time I walked through the halls of a Lasallian school, it had been eight years since my last teaching experience. After many years of working in parish ministry, I was living in Denver, Colorado, and returning to the classroom as a high school theology teacher.

Making the decision to leave parish ministry and return to teaching was difficult. I was comfortable with my role and surrounded by people of faith who were also my friends. But the circumstances of my job and the gentle nudging of the Lord were inviting me to something new. At the time, I didn’t know what a “Lasallian” school was, and I had never heard of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. I simply knew that there was a Catholic high school that needed a theology teacher and that I was a person who needed a place to belong.

I was new to teaching high school students, and I was new to teaching theology. I could hardly find my way around the building and taught in several different rooms so that I had to move each period like the students. I could remember only a few of my colleagues by name. I didn’t even know who to ask for help. As I began my first day of school, I was afraid.

I was walking through the hall during a passing period with my arms full of papers, books, and supplies. The hall was crowded with students, and I wasn’t sure how to find my next classroom.

But I knew I had to hurry because I needed to get there, set up, and be ready to teach as soon as the bell rang.

Preoccupied with all these worries, somehow my papers got away from me, scattering across the floor. I thought for sure that I would have to protect my things from students who would mindlessly walk all over them, that I might get knocked down while bending over in the crowd of students. Certainly, they would be laughing at me.

But students I didn’t know stopped and began picking up my things. Not only did they gather my things for me and ask me if I was all right, they offered to carry my things to my classroom. “Where can we take these for you, Ms Niblack?” they asked.

These young men and women called me by name and treated me as if I belonged there. That was the moment that I knew I had found a home. It was my first glimpse of what it means to be a Lasallian inclusive community. Students I didn’t know, knew me and were willing to go out of their way to take care of me, to help me, and to make me feel welcome. That was the moment that I knew how present God was to me, in bringing me to my new job — no, my vocation — as a Lasallian educator. I had found a home.

That one experience led me to develop an induction program at my school to welcome new teachers so that other new teachers might also experience the holy presence of God through others.

Rita Niblack, Mullen High School, Denver, CO

Wishing you all a happy and safe term break.

Mr Peter Houlihan



Deputy Principals’ Column


Flowers, tears and a minute’s silence for Eurydice Dixon

I would imagine that you, like me, were rocked by the news of Eurydice Dixon’s rape and murder last week. It is hard to come to terms with an event like this within our community at large. As I read the newspaper over the course of the weekend, I saw some familiar football jumpers – those of a fellow ACC team – linked, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder around the floral tributes to Ms Dixon. After their game on a nearby football field, members of the St Bernard’s and Melbourne University Blacks VAFA thirds teams gathered around the flowers to observe a minute’s silence for Ms Dixon.

Football can be seen as a bit of a man’s game so we came over here to show a message that we have to show women respect,” St Bernard’s captain Owen McIntyre said. “It’s a big part of society and the incident does not reflect what we think.”

Melbourne University Blacks captain Josh Bowden said the team had trained nearby on Tuesday night – the night before Ms Dixon was killed. “A lot of us live around here and it’s pretty simple – it is just not good enough from men in society. It was a good thing that 24 blokes on each side played this morning and we could come over and pay our respects. We need to change.”

Domestic Violence Victoria chief executive Fiona McCormack said attitudes towards women were changing, but more needed to be done. “No matter the circumstances, no matter the situation, we really need to challenge the concept of that male sense of entitlement about using violence,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne. “When we think about crime in our community, any type of violent crime particularly, we have an issue around gender. That’s obviously not saying all men are violent and that’s not saying there’s something inherently evil in men, it’s something about our culture.”

Now, more than ever, it is important to think about the values we instil in the young men in our care. As Clementine Ford wrote, “It was not a lack of ‘situational awareness’ that ended the life of Eurydice Dixon – it was a person who made a conscious choice to exercise extreme violence against her.” In short, people’s lives depend on men being nurturing and life-protecting. Our young men will thrive if they have a sense of purpose and an ethos for life.

In adolescence, the teaching of the young men in our care becomes more and more specific – handling vehicles, dealing with sexuality, making choices about work and career, responding to choices around alcohol and drugs, and dealing with rejection and loss. As a College community, we are concerned about getting this right. As a broader community, we must do this work together.

Medical Certificates

Medical and/or Dental Appointments should be made before or after school hours. If this is not possible, students should arrange appointments so as to minimise time away from school. The Class/House Mentor and Year Level/House Coordinator should be notified in writing if this is necessary. Following an absence, students are reminded to obtain a Medical Certificate, especially in instances when they have missed a test or an assessment deadline. All Medical Certificates should be passed on to the Year Level/House Coordinator and these will be forwarded on to the Reception to be placed on the student’s file. Please note, VCE students are also required to bring a Medical Certificate, issued on the day of absence, if they miss a SAC.

School Leavers Week (Schoolies) 2018 and Parental Advice for Adolescent Alcohol Use

For many of our Year 12 students, Schoolies is a time to celebrate a milestone in their lives, but this shouldn’t mean attending events that may impact health and safety or cause problems for the communities they decide to visit. Talking to your son about the risks associated with alcohol is an important step in reducing the risk of alcohol-related harm.

For advice to help prevent or reduce adolescent alcohol use, parents are referred to the National Health Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines: Parenting Strategies: Preventing Adolescent Alcohol Misuse. If your son is likely to visit Victorian coastal regions during Schoolies, you are encouraged to visit their official website for registration and safety tips.

Here are some tips and advice for preparing your son for Schoolies:

  • Start the conversation about Schoolies early;
  • Set reasonable expectations for your son;
  • Talk to your son about alcohol and drugs;
  • Encourage your son to register with Good Times Great Breaks.

Ms Lisa Harkin
Deputy Principal – Students

Faith and Mission

Later this week, I will depart to Manhattan College in New York, to commence the second year of my Buttimer Course of Lasallian Studies, focusing on St John Baptist de La Salle’s Educational Vision. Having been introduced to the life and person of St John Baptist de La Salle and the context of the time in which he lived in my first year, I am very much looking forward to deepening my knowledge and further examining the educational vision of this extraordinary man, who is our Founder!

I hope you all have a restful and safe mid-year break, and I look forward to seeing you all at the commencement of Term 3.

St Austin’s House Advocate for Refugee Week

As a Christian, Lasallian community, we believe that we can all make a difference when it comes to the plight of refugees and asylum seekers. It need only start with a small act of kindness and hospitality and, by demonstrating more compassionate opinions on refugee and asylum seeker policies.

Back in 2015, the Pope Francis gave an address on the treatment of refugees and the need for compassion. The Pope said:

…view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation. To respond in a way which is always humane, just and fraternal…Let us remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” (Mt 7:12).

This week, the students of St Austin’s House have been actively advocating and promoting key aspects of their House charity Melbourne Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office. Throughout the week, published in the Daily Bulletin we have prayed for refugees and asylum seekers and each morning in class and house mentor groups, students watch short videos of testimonials and stories which have brought home to each one of us, the reality of those who have lived through the oppression.

Further to this, the students in St Austin’s House held a ‘Detention for Detention’ at lunchtime on Thursday to raise awareness for the plight of refugees and asylum seekers followed by a casual clothes day on Friday 22 June with a gold coin donation from every member of the community in support of this cause. Money raised will go directly to the Melbourne Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office.

Sacramental Program

Last Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of attending a very significant liturgy that was prepared under the guidance of Ms Joan Ferguson, our College Chaplain, for the Sacrament of Penance — Cameron Clarke, Finn Edgerley, Jack Lanigan and Ryan Tatlis. Also during this liturgy, we celebrated the baptism of Angus Osborne.

The evening was a wonderful event and a true celebration for the families involved and recognition of the work that Joan does in preparing the boys in making their sacraments. As always, the presence of Fr Martin Tanti SDB as celebrant and the support of Br Mandy Dujunco FSC is most welcome.


Year 9 Reflection Days

  • Students will make their own way to and from the venue.
  • Students are asked to bring their own recess and lunch as per a normal school day.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the venue to purchase food.
  • Students are permitted to wear sports uniform on the day.
  • Students are asked to arrive no later than 8:30am for roll call and a 2:45pm dismissal.
Wednesday 20 June 9 Dunstan, 9 Roland Rana Brogan, Sharni Folland, Kath Marino, Emily Ryan
Thursday 21 June 9 Hegarty, 9 Solomon, 9 Vincent Stephen Brick, Graeme Lawler, Catherine Loft, Andrew Devlin, Shaun Buckley(replaced by Nic Nicolaou), Patrice McBean
Friday 22 June 9 Benilde, 9 Jerome Stephen Brick, Chris Church, Nicola Mairs, Emma Fairclough

Community Masses

Our next Community Mass is at St Joseph’s Parish, Malvern on Sunday 22 July from 10:00am. St Joseph’s church is at 47 Stanhope Street, Malvern. All are welcome to attend!

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

Staff and Operations

Staff News for Term 3

On July 16 the following staff will be returning from periods of leave in Term 2:

  • Mr Andrew Wozencroft (returning as Year 9 YLC)
  • Mrs Carolyn Fitzpatrick
  • Ms Michele O’Mahoney
  • Ms Emily Ryan
  • Mr Shaun Buckley
  • Ms Lisa Harkin
  • Mrs Rana Brogan
  • Mr Paul Coyle

Thank you to Mr Stephen Brick for his work as Acting Year 9 YLC in Mr Andrew Wozencroft’s absence.

These staff members will be away on leave at the start of the new term:

  • Mrs Joan Ferguson
  • Mr Gerard Barns
  • Mr David Happ
  • Ms Vanessa Marolda
  • Mr Shane Macintosh
  • Ms Christine Cooper
  • Mrs Trish Woodman

We also welcome Mr Warren Bardsley who will be replacing Mr Shane Slavin who is on LSL for the remainder of 2018.

Last day Term 2

Term 2 concludes at the normal dismissal times for all students on Friday 29 June. The College staff wish all students and families a safe and happy holiday break.

Performing Arts Assembly

The Performing Arts Assembly will be held on Friday 29 June during Period 4 in the College gymnasium. This year the event will showcase to the College the talents of our various music ensembles. These ensembles draw on students from the Primary years to Year 12. The assembly promises to be a terrific finale to a wonderful term of achievement for the performing arts groups at the College.

Term 3 Commencement

Term 3 commences on Wednesday 18 July. Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 July are student free days. College staff will be undertaking professional learning on these days. The College Office will be open as normal.

Lost Property

There are a number of items of lost property available for collection at each Campus Reception. These include spray jackets, jumpers and rugby tops. We always endeavour to find the owners of lost items. Parents are asked to get their son/s to check the lost property collection if they are missing anything. Also, clearly naming garments is the best way to help us return misplaced items to the owners.

Student Discount at the Cabrini Emergency Department

A reminder to parents that students from the College are eligible to receive a 50% discount on services in the Cabrini Emergency Department. For more details contact Ms Trish Ennis at the Cabrini Emergency Department on 95081489 or

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations