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General Information


The purpose of all bursaries offered by De La Salle College is to provide a Catholic education to students of families who would otherwise not be able to afford one, or who can no longer continue to afford one. For this reason all bursaries are means tested and applicants will be asked to provide current financial documentation. Preference will be given to families with greater financial need.

To be eligible for a bursary at De La Salle College students must satisfy normal entrance requirements for the College and must be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency in Australia.

In accordance with Catholic Education Office policy, students applying for a De La Salle College bursary must not currently be enrolled in another Catholic secondary college. Applications from students currently attending De La Salle College are accepted, but must be accompanied by substantial evidence to show that their financial situation has changed.


Registration for 2018 bursaries is now open. Please note that registrations for bursaries in later years will not be accepted. Please see the below ‘How to apply’ section to register.

Applications close: 17 February 2017 (same date as Year 7, 2018 applications close)
Offers will be posted in April 2017.

No late registrations will be accepted.

There is no application fee.


The usual duration of bursaries is to the completion of Year 12.

In extenuating circumstances, or if the student breaches the normal rules and regulations of De La Salle College, the College reserves the right to cancel the bursary at any time.


The fee reduction granted is at the discretion of the principal and will be discussed with bursary recipients directly.

Albert Higgins Memorial Scholarships

Years 7 to 10

The Albert Higgins Memorial Scholarship fund was established by Albert ‘Bert’ Higgins to provide a comprehensive Catholic education to students of families who may need financial assistance and who, under normal circumstances, may not otherwise be able to afford to attend or remain at De La Salle College. Albert Higgins Memorial Scholarships are offered to students going into Years 7 to 10 (inclusive) in 2018.

Bert Higgins commenced schooling at De La Salle College in 1917, graduating in 1925. Bert then enlisted in WWII and spent nearly five years with the AIF in New Guinea, rising to the rank of Captain. Bert was a loyal person: he attended one school, one church, lived in one suburb and worked for one company until his passing in 2010. Bert remained grateful to the De La Salle Brothers for the part they had played in his life and left this fund to show his appreciation and afford others the same opportunity for education that he had.

Please note that while the fund is named ‘scholarship’, these places are bursaries and are means tested.

The Brother Mark Murphy Bursary Fund

Years 11 and 12

Br Mark Murphy bursaries are offered to students going into Years 11 and 12 in 2018.

Brother Mark Murphy was a De La Salle Brother who was posted to the College as a Science teacher in 1964. He was well-respected teacher and today Old Collegians who learned under his guidance remember him fondly, especially for his ability as a Physics teacher. He retired from teaching in the ‘80s but remained a fixture of the College community until his death in 2011.

Whilst not a wealthy man, Br Murphy established a bursary fund to provide opportunities for students to receive a De La Salle education. Like the Albert Higgins fund, families of all applicants for a Br Mark Murphy bursary will be required to supply financial details and preference will be given to those of greater financial need.

How to Apply

Please forward the below documents to the College:

  • photocopy of your son’s two most recent school reports
  • an enrolment form (available here) if the student is not already enrolled, or does not have an active application, at the College. To check the status of an application please contact the Registrar.
  • Statement of Financial Position and supporting evidence.

The Statement of Financial position requires full and honest disclosure regarding the financial position of both parents/guardians, including the income, assets, liabilities and expenses. Hard copy evidence is required. Click here to download the Statement of Financial Position form.

The above listed documentation should be forwarded to the Registrar at the below address or via email. Applications will not be considered if they do not have all of the required documents with them and incomplete applications will not be followed up.

Please do not send ANY original documents as they will not be returned. Documents should be sent or emailed to:

De La Salle College
1318 High Street
Malvern, VIC, 3144

For further information regarding bursaries, please contact us on (03) 9508 2186 or email


1 — Bursary recipients will be required to pay the annual capital levy pro rata in accordance with their bursary amount (unless negotiated otherwise).

2 — All bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the principal or a representative of De La Salle College acting on behalf of the principal.

3 — All information given in the bursary application form, statement of financial position form and the general College enrolment form must be true and correct at the time of completion. If information is found to be incorrect after a bursary has been awarded, De La Salle College may terminate the bursary immediately.

4 — De La Salle College reserves the right to alter or cancel the bursary at any time if the student fails to meet the criteria of their bursary or breaches College rules and regulations.

5 — At any given time, a student may only be the recipient of one De La Salle College bursary.

6 — The number of bursaries awarded each year will vary at the discretion of the principal.

7 – In the interests of equity with full fee paying families, bursary recipients are not eligible to participate in paid co-curricula activities such as elective overseas and interstate camps and/or trips.

All information gathered for the purpose of administering bursaries will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.