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Education Maintenance Allowance

The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is provided by the Victorian Government to low-income families to help with education-related costs.

If you have a child under 16, and hold a valid Health Care Card or Pension Card you may be eligible to receive the EMA. The allowance is split evenly between the parent and the school, and is paid in two instalments, one in March and one in August.

The parent portion is often used for uniforms and excursions, while the school portion may be used for expenses such as textbooks, stationery and special programs. You can elect to have the parent portion of the EMA paid into your nominated bank account or receive a cheque.

In 2012, the total annual amount is $235 for primary students and $470 for secondary students – these amounts are split evenly between the parents/guardians and the school.


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