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It is important to end well!

Although we have already said farewell to our Year 12’s (they still continue with their final exams); Year 11’s are soon to finish and there is only another month left of school for the rest of the student population, the reality of ‘ending’ is upon us. Some approach endings with exhaustion, others with relief and others race to an end with a ‘full-steam-ahead’ approach.

We will all soon look back on the 2011 school year and will inevitably make judgments as to how we have handled the year: what we have done well and what we could have done better.

With just a month to go, it is timely to remind all in our community (students, parents and teachers) that the ‘full-steam-ahead’ approach is a winning approach and will allow a personal review of the year to a satisfying one. No matter how one has fared in the year up till now, there is still one month left. That month, if welcomed with enthusiasm and determination, can be a transformative month and one that will make a year be better than it otherwise would. It will make your review of the year more positive and will aid in personal satisfaction and happiness.

So, I wish all in our community the very best as we hurtle towards the last stages of the scholastic year, ‘full-steam-ahead’ and determined to end well.

Pascal Rohan
Director of Student Wellbeing


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