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DLS Booklists

The booklists for 2013 are now available online at https://jpbooks.com.au/Default.aspx.

Current Year 5 and Year 7 – 11 students will receive a hardcopy via homeroom tomorrow morning. Current Year 4 students, who are currently on camp, will receive their copy on Monday, 12 November. Current Year 6 students and incoming Year 7, 2013 students will receive their copy at the Information Evening on Thursday, 22 November.

Please note that the VCE deadline (Tuesday, 13 November) is earlier than that of Years 4 to 10 to enable VCE students to have their books for Headstart (commencing Friday, 23 November for Unit 34). Collection will be 23 November at Kinnoull from 12 noon to 5.00pm although VCE students also have the option of collecting on Tuesday, 18 December.

Students in Year 10, 2013 (current Year 9 students) who are completing an accelerated study (ie: Unit 1–2) may collect a hardcopy of the VCE booklist from the Tiverton front office. When placing the order families will need to indicate that this order is to be amalgamated with a Year 10 order. This can be done in the notes section of the online order page or on the front page of the hardcopy of the VCE Booklist

Families of VCE students who wish to collect all books on the 18 December may do so by contacting JP Books direct on 9813 3330 to request this option.

Details regarding the Second-Hand book sale will be available shortly.


Sally Buick
Deputy Principal — Curriculum 

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