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Mission Action Day — Friday 30 March

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to gaining sponsorship for Mission Action Day which is being held on Friday, 30 March.

Please note the following points:


  1. Follow the path unless otherwise advised. Never diverge from the track.
  2. Bring your own drink bottles.
  3. Rubbish Disposal — All teachers at checkpoints and on the course will be carrying rubbish bags for your use. Please ensure all rubbish is disposed of by using these bags. We have a responsibility to respect the course that is used by the wider community.
  4. Be sun smart – sunscreen and wear a cap.
  5. Wear sensible footwear.
  6. Toilets are available at T H King Reserve.
  7. Show respect for the public at all times – cyclists, pedestrians and property.
  8. A sausage and soft drink is available for free at the end of the walk. Collect a coupon when you pick up your sponsorship form at the conclusion of your walk
  9. No pets, skateboards
  10. Ipods – can be hazardous if unable to hear surrounding noise – suggest use 1 earpiece only.


Present yourself at T. H. King Reserve () to the relevant year level area on Friday, March 30th. at the time indicated below. You will need to report to your Year Level Coordinator with your sponsorship form.

  • Years 4 to 12 — 9.00am
  • Latest Starting Time — 9.30am
  • Latest Finishing Time — 11.30am

Collect a raffle ticket and have your name checked off by your Coordinator. Remain with your co-ordinator.

When called from the year level area, have your name marked off at the appropriate recording table :

  • Primary to Yr 9 : go to the registration area Yrs 4 to 9 and find your listed Homeroom
  • Years 10 to 12 : go to the registration area Yrs 10 to 12 and find your listed Homeroom

Present your sponsorship form to the Official at the recording table. You should have totalled up sponsorship pledges for recording
by staff prior to MAD
. This form will be returned to you at the completion of the activity.

As soon as you are recorded as present, you may begin your walk (see Mission Action Day Map).

Your hand will be stamped. At the conclusion of the walk, show your stamped hand to the Official at the ‘recording table’. At this stage your form will be stamped and returned to you.

All monies are to be returned, along with your sponsorship form, to your Homeroom teacher no later than Thursday, 26 April.


In the case of cancellation of activities, normal Friday week 1 classes will operate Periods 1 – 4. Parents would be notified in writing, via their son, on the day prior if Mission Action Day was to be cancelled.

Peter Riordan

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