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Music Tour 2012

Thank you to all those who have been so supportive of the students who attended music tour this year.

We took 53 student from Grade 5 to Year 12. This included the Concert Band, Stage Band, Choir, Guitar Ensemble and String Ensemble. We played 6 shows at 6 primary schools over 3 days in the Beechworth area. The ensembles are sounding hot. The stage band caused a mosh pit in two schools, who knew jazz was so crazy. Middle Indigo Primary gave us a spectacular conga line and a little preppy at Beechworth Primary told me she was about the cry because the music was so beautiful!

We were treated to a performance by the Stanley Strummers. They are from Stanley Primary School, 10 students in the whole school and they all play ukelele. They played and sang the Patsy Cline classic Walking After Midnight and it was about the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

Our students were positive, passionate and well behaved. They were focused on the music and presented every show with great energy.

As they return to school and have work outstanding or have forgotten a deadline feel free to crack the whip, it’s up to them to stay up to date BUT if you could also congratulate them on a wonderful tour representing our school, that’s even better.

Massive thank you goes to Andrew Murrell, Kelly Williams, Jaymee Lee, Matt Lewin and David Reichman for their talents and good humour. It’s a great crew.

Thanks again for your support. It was a great trip.

Cindy Frost
Music Coordinator



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