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Semester 2, 2013 Awards

Congratulations to the following award winners whose achievements were acknowledged at the recent Year Level Assemblies.


Primary Academic Awards

William Martin — Year 4 Academic Excellence, Andrew McGaw — Year 4 Academic Excellence, Harrison Langkau — Year 4 Literacy Support,
Nicholas Leow — Year 5 Academic Excellence, Zhi Dong Ye — Year 5 Academic Excellence, Beau Holden — Year 5 Literacy Support,
Brandon Luu — Year 6 Academic Excellence, Gianluca Intemerato — Year 6 Academic Excellence, Dalton Di Medio — Year 6 Literacy Support

Primary Sports Awards

Liam Halloran — Sportsman of the Year.

Year 7 and 8

Year 7 Academic Awards

Michael Pettit — Drama, Adam Crestani — English and LOTE Italian, Ryan Kinsella — Geography, Jackson Sturge — History, Tristan Moloney — Literacy Enhancement, Henry Pendergast Kruger — Mathematics, Chris Ovens — Music, Nicholas Watson-Munro — Physical Education, Harrison Campion — Religious Education, Cameron Monaco — Science, Samuel Swift — Technology.

Year 7 Sports Awards

Lachlan Harris — ACC Athletics, Leon Lymbouris — ACC Basketball, Benjamin Paine — ACC Cricket, Jack Higgins — ACC Cross Country, William Clarke — ACC Football, Nathan McFarlane — ACC Hockey, Liam O’Brien — ACC Soccer, Harrison Gill — ACC Swimming, Roscoe Tsiavis — ACC Tennis, Liam Farrell — ACC Volleyball, Aaron Trusler — Sportsman of the Year.

Year 8 Academic Awards

Jack Chapple — Art, Liam Kelliher — Drama, William Wright — English, Kieran Walsh — Geography, Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy — History, Aaron D’Arcy — Literacy Enhancement, Harrison Long — LOTE French and Science, David Kavanagh — LOTE Italian, Alexander Collins — Mathematics, Liam Murphy — Physical Education, Thomas Ponissi — Religious Education, Shiroy Fernando — Technology.

Year 8 Sports Awards

Mackenzie Beadman — ACC Athletics, Harry Bowen — ACC Basketball, Zachariah Grundmann-Perera — ACC Cricket, Zak Hawker — ACC Cross Country, Samuel Michael — ACC Football, Lachlan Yeates — ACC Hockey, George Kouzoumis — ACC Soccer, Robert Tallarico — ACC Swimming, Nicholas Gourgoulis — ACC Tennis, Billy Tokatlidis — ACC Volleyball, Liam Murphy — Sportsman of the Year.

Year 9 and 10

Year 9 Academic Awards

Raphael Canty — Art, English, LOTE Italian, Religious Education, Nigel Menezes — Drama, LOTE French, Mathematics, Stefan Di Medio — Geography, Media Studies, Jordan Smith — History, Literature, Nathan Janka — Literacy Enhancement, Patrick Cook — LOTE Indonesian, Physical Education, Nicholas Amon — Photography, Elliot Fabris — Technology, Connor Rate — Science.

Year 9 Sports Awards

Andrew Walker — ACC Athletics, Jack MacDonald — ACC Basketball,Elliot Fabris — ACC Cricket,Nathan Monaco — ACC Cross Country, Jack Giles — ACC Football, James Bartholomeusz — ACC Hockey, Julian De Thomasis — ACC Soccer, Brodie Muller — ACC Swimming, Mitchell Wildoer — ACC Volleyball, Nicholas Catrice — ACC Tennis, Sportsman of the Year.

Year 10 Academic Awards

Markus Spindler — Art, Cameron Roberts — Economics, Edward Hirst — English, Geography, Systems Technology, Peter Pepes — History, Kristian Iezzi — Literacy Enhancement, Luke Tikellis — Literature, Thomas Brasher — LOTE French, Mathematics Methods, Religious Education, Science, Richard Laurens — LOTE Indonesian, Christian Di Donato — LOTE Italian, Jonathon Dent — Materials Technology, Luke Brownhill — Mathematics Further, Cameron Lack — Media, Liam O’Malley — Multimedia, Matthew Swinnerton — Music Performance, Stevan Lau — Photography, James Benton — Physical Education, Visual Communication & Design.

VCE Unit 2 Subject Awards for Year 10 Students

John Bucanan — Legal Studies (Unit 2), Peter Pepes — Business Studies (Unit 2), Thomas Brasher — History 20th Century (Unit 2), James Delaney — Information Technology (Unit 2).

Special Award

Ben Stafford — Australian Defence Force Award (ADF)

Year 10 Sports Awards

Liam O’Callaghan — ACC Athletics, James Benton — ACC Basketball, Wes Agar — ACC Cricket, Nick Taylor — ACC Football, Stephen Athaide — ACC Hockey, Chris Marinis — ACC Soccer, Will Rennie — ACC Swimming, Luis Marino Andres — ACC Tennis, James Benton — ACC Volleyball, Liam O’Callaghan — ACC Cross Country, Sportsman of the Year.

Year 11

Year 11 Academic Awards

Daniel Anastasio — Accounting (Unit 2), Alexander Di Medio — Biology (Unit 2), Darcy Craig — Building & Construction Certificate II, Stephen Ciavarella — Chemistry (Unit 2), General Mathematics Specialist (Unit 2), LOTE Italian (Unit 2), Physics (Unit 2), Lewis De Stefanis — Economics (Unit 2), General Mathematics Further (Unit 2), Dominic Hando — English (Unit 2), Ben Thorson — Foundation Maths (Unit 2), Daniel Wijaksono — General Mathematics Methods (Unit 2), Thomas O’Dwyer — Legal Studies (Unit 2), Visual Communications & Design (Unit 2), Adam Bell — Literature (Unit 2), Harry Thompson — Media Studies (Unit 2), Andre Lew — Music Performance (Unit 2), Christian Lymbouris — Physical Education (Unit 2), Evan Sezenias — Psychology (Unit 2), Nathan Evans — Sport & Recreation Certificate II, James Liu — Studio Arts Photography (Unit 2), Michael McCaffrey — Studio Arts Mixed Media (Unit 2), Michael Patane — Religion & Society (Unit 1), Jon Craig — VET: External, Joshua Garman — VET: External, Douglas Loton — VCAL Intermediate.

Special Awards

Alexander Di Medio — Australian Defence Force Award for Leadership (ADF), William Agar — Mark Edwards Award for Business Studies

Year 11 Sports Awards

Alex Di Medio — ACC Athletics, Christian Lymbouris — ACC Basketball, William Agar — ACC Cricket, Jack Thornton — ACC Cross Country, Patrick Arceri — ACC Football, Joshua Pulvirenti — ACC Soccer, Jack Caton — ACC Swimming Elliot Holden — ACC Tennis, Thaao Siriopoulos — ACC Volleyball, Zane Hutter — ACC Hockey, Sportsman of the Year.

Year 12

Year 12 Special Awards

Nicholas Rodway — Br. Damien Harvey Award
In recognition of leadership and service as College Captain.

Miles Fabris — Leadership Award College Vice Captain
For leadership and service as Vice Captain.

Nicholas Curwood — Leadership Award College Vice Captain
For leadership and service as Vice Captain.

Daniel King — Fr. Les Troy Award
In recognition of a student who has demonstrated service to the Community, the College, local and beyond.

Darcy Conlan — Hilary Hayes Outstanding Student Award for 2012
For outstanding academic results, service to the College and beyond, a significant involvement in College life, a positive role model to his peers and the younger student at De La Salle. 

Matthew Northage — The Anthony Molan Student Athlete Award
For leadership in the sporting arena combined with excellence in academia.

Matthew Taylor — Australian Defence Force Award for Leadership
In recognition of a student who has shown excellent leadership skills throughout his time in Year 12.

Jack Gava — De La Salle Old Collegians Football Club Sportsman of the Year
For achievement in ACC sports combined with a good positive approach to studies.

Andrew Rappos
Outstanding contribution to the life of the College through his involvement in the Performing Arts.

Joshua Renjen
Outstanding contribution to the life of the College through his involvement in Music.

Harry Holden
Outstanding contribution to the life of the College through his involvement in Visual Arts.

Matthew Taylor — Lasallian Award
To a student who has shown a Christian concern for his fellow students; made De La Salle a better place by his commitment to its ideals; and developed his own talents to the best of his ability and for the welfare of others.

Year 12 Sports Awards

Jack Gava — ACC Athletics, Aaron Gross — ACC Basketball, Jack Duffy — ACC Chess, Sam Anderson — ACC Cricket, ACC Hockey, Adrian Indovino — ACC Cross Country, Charlie Haley — ACC Football, Joshua Vitacca — ACC Golf, Darcy Conlan — ACC Soccer, Matthew Northage — ACC Swimming, Chris Murphy — ACC Tennis, Joseph Maccora — ACC Volleyball, Nathan Phillips — DLS Weightlifting.

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