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VCE Results: Increase Again!

De La Salle College congratulates our graduating Year 12 students on their excellent results.

We are pleased to announce that 27 students achieved an ATAR score above 90. In 2011 only 12.7% (22 students) had an ATAR over 90. 54% of the cohort had an ATAR above 70. This is an an improvement of 9% over 2011. This year has seen very strong subject scores across the 40 – 60 range.

Congratulations to:

Those above 95.0 are: Darcy Conlan (96.0), Matthew Taylor (95.95), Rhyard Sahley (95.85), Stephen Mitas (95.85)

Those above 90.0 are: George Tang (94.8), Miles Fabris (94.15), Paul Casey (93.95), Connor Wilson (93.6), Alexander Oliver (93.55), Joseph Maccora (93.25), Ryan Moody (93.2), Zachary Spencer (93.15), Benjamin Jopling (92.95), James Rate (92.3), Tony Yao (92.1), Joseph Connell (91.65), Alexander Stott (91.2), Connor Tilbrook (91.15), Nicholas Chant (91.0), Charles Stewart (90.85), Darcy Freeman (90.50), Elliot Tamplin (90.35), Jordan Porozny (90.20), Matthew Mullaly (90.0).

One student had the perfect score of 50: Stephen Ciavarella (Year 11) — Further Mathematics.

ATAR Results


% Total




80 – 89



70 — 79



60 — 69



In 2012, 150 students sat for VCE.

For a school that has never sought to have an ability–driven enrolment policy our students have done very well. Congratulations to our teachers in bringing the boys to this level; congratulations to the students who did what was asked of them and excelled. We hope you are proud of what you achieved.

Staff with at least one student with a Study Score in their subject between 45 and 50 (placing that student in the top 2% in the State for that subject):

Michael Petrie, James Walton, Trish Burke, Luke Martin, Peter Crellin.

Staff with Study Scores between 40 and 44 (top 8% in the State):

Murray Ennis, Michael Petrie, Paul Harrup, Linda Samuel, Norm Stewart, Peppe Di Ciccio, Rob Hoich, Peter Larsen, James Walton, Paul Fegan, Sally Buick, Neil Thomas, Courtney Sanders, Christine Thompson, Chris Fleming, Trish Burke, Kath Marino, Luke Martin, Lucy Neil, Frank Goricanec, Adrian Matarazzo, Peter Crellin, Monica Costa, Kerry Martin.

Staff who achieved a perfect Study Score of 50:

Luke Martin (Further Mathematics)

Special mention must also go to a small group of Year 11 students who achieved a Study Score of 45 or higher for VCE (Unit 4) Further Mathematics:

Steven Ciavarella — 50, Richard Buckley — 49, Jerome Lugo — 48, Andre Lew — 47, Alex Di Medio — 45 and Zane Hutter, 45.

Br. Paul Rogers

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