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ACC Sporting Results — Term 2, Week 5

Year 9 Football

De La Salle 17.11.113 defeated Mazenod 8.6.54
Goal Kickers: Leontaritis 6, Fierenzi 3, Tokatlidis, Deftereos and O’Callaghan 2, Spackman, Grundmann-Perera
Best Players: Leontaritis, Michael, Tokatlidis, Ferris-McDonald, O’Callaghan, Fierenzi

Year 9 Soccer

De La Salle 3 defeated St. Bede’s 0
Goal Scorer: Hatzikourtis 3
Best Players: Hatzikourtis, Moore, Mercuri

Year 10 Football

De La Salle 14.11.95 defeated St. Bede’s 10.10.70
Goal Kickers: Perry 5, Griechen and Zaia 3, R. Cosgrave, Giles
Best Players: R. Cosgrave, Toniolo, Wildoer, Griechen, Bisognin, Jarvis

 Year 10 Soccer

Mazenod 8 defeated De La Salle 0
Best Players: Hellyer, Maiorana, Kostandakopoulos

First XVIII Football

St. Bede’s 10.9.69 defeated De La Salle 6.7.43
Goal Kickers: Maynard 2, Hanley, Hay, Dumbleton, Spicer
Best Players: Stewart, Vawser, Brownhill, Taylor, Hay

Senior Soccer

Parade 3 defeated De La Salle 2
Goal Scorers: Arapis (Penalty), Ianchello
Best Players: Ianchello, Langenberg, Dillon

Year 8 Football

De La Salle 6.5.41 defeated St. Bede’s 3.5.23
Goal Kickers: Urban 3, Higgins 3
Best Players: Trusler, Squires, Higgins, Brasher, McGaw

Year 8 Soccer

St. Bede’s 2 defeated De La Salle 1
Goal Scorer: Ciancio-Knauer
Best Players: S. Callaghan, Russ, Ciancio-Knauer 

Year 7 Football

De La Salle 16.8.104 defeated Salesian 0.1.1
Goal Kickers: MacDonald 3, Quitt 3, Fogarty 2, O’Meara 2, Williams, Hawker, Brownhill, Webb, D’Arcy, Buzza
Best Players: Quitt, Williams, MacDonald, Bohan, Trewarn, Astone

Year 7 Soccer

St. Bede’s defeated De La Salle 1

Goal Scorer: Pinna
Best Players: Pinna, Menidis, Pulvirenti