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Class of 2013: VCE Results

De La Salle College congratulates our graduating Year 12 students on their excellent results.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Study Score of 50

Stephen Ciavarella — Biology
Thomas O’Dwyer — Visual Communication Design

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Study Score Above 40


Rohan D’Souza (Year 11), Jonathan Kouch


Alexander Di Medio

Business Management

William Agar, Jordan Gasparini, Liam O’Malley (Year 11), Peter Pepes (Year 11)


Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella, Alexander Di Medio


Benjamin Allars, Adam Bell, Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella, Patrick Collins, James Curwood, Alexander Di Medio, Jordan Gasparini, Jack Heatley, Jerome Lugo, Christian Lymbouris, Thomas O’Dwyer, Michael Patane, Thomas Wilkes, Jeffrey Xu, Christopher Zisimopoulos

History – Revolutions

Thomas Brasher (Year 11), Lewis De Stefanis, James Koulousias, James Liu

Languages: Indonesian

Daniel Wijaksono

Legal Studies

Adam Bell, John Buchanan (Year 11), Thomas O’Dwyer

Mathematics Further

Jack-Henry Attard, Rohan D’Souza (Year 11), Christian Di Donato (Year 11), Stephen Galgani, William Nguyen, Nicholas Papamiltiades (Year 11), Cameron Roberts, Aidan Shallue (Year 11), Matthew Swinnerton (Year 11), Michael Zbiegien

Mathematics Specialist

Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella

Mathematics Methods

Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella, Jerome Lugo


Adam Bell

Physical Education

William Cardwell, Stephen Galgani, Brayden Hawkins (Year 11), Michael Hoareau (Year 11), Christian Lymbouris, Liam O’Callaghan (Year 11), Christopher Zisimpoulos

Politics – Australian

Lewis De Stefanis


Mitchell Ainsworth-Griffiths (Year 11), James Koulousias

Software Development

James Delaney (Year 11), James Liu, Julian Loo Yong Kee (Year 11)

Studio Arts

James Liu

Visual Communication Design

William Agar

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