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Semester 2 Academic and Sporting Awards

Congratulations to the following award winners whose achievements were acknowledged at the recent Year Level Assemblies.

Year 11- Academic Awards

Nicholas Coutts (Year 10) — Accounting, John Buchanan — Biology, Jonathan Pertile — Business Management, Edward Hirst — English, Liam Oldfield — General Maths (Further, Connor Rate (Year 10) — Geography, Ben Stafford — History (20th Century), Raphael Canty (Year 10) — Information Technology, Louis Collins (Year 10) — LOTE French, Christian Di Donato — LOTE Italian, Xavier Nathan — Media Studies, Max Robinson — Music Performance, Joshua Benton (Year 10) — Physical Education, Nicholas Sinclair (Year 10) — Psychology, Jonathan Kouch — Religion & Society, James Benton — Sport & Recreation Cert III, Aleksander Nirenovic — Studio Arts (Mixed Media), Kavanagh O’Dowd — Studio Arts (Photography, Luke Tikellis — Systems Engineering, Thomas Robinson — VCAL Building & Construction III, Stefan Pepdjonovic — VCAL Community Sport & Recreation, Sam Deed — VCAL Intermediate, Anthony De Luca — VET Building & Construction III, Matthew Swinnerton — Visual Communication Design

Multiple Award Winners: Peter Pepes — Economics and Legal Studies, Thomas Brasher — Chemistry, General Maths (Methods), General Maths (Specialist) and Physics

Special Award

Peter Pepes — Mark Edwards Award for Business Studies

Year 11 — ACC MVP Sporting Awards

Liam O’Callaghan — ACC Athletics and ACC Cross Country, James Benton — ACC Basketball and ACC Volleyball, Scott Vawser — ACC Cricket, Brayden Maynard — ACC Football, Jack Dillon — ACC Soccer, Will Rennie — ACC Swimming, Tim Walsh — ACC Tennis, Mitchell Eager — ACC Hockey

Liam O’Callaghan — Sports man of the Year

Year 10 — Academic Awards

Wyatt Bicknell — Geography, Sam Hains — Literacy Enhancement, Nigel Menezes — LOTE French, William Mackie — Materials Technology, Mitchell Thomas — General Maths (Further), Marcus Karam — General Maths (Methods), Joshua Benton — Media Studies, Justin Lack — Multimedia, Luciano Murray — Music Industry & Performance, Joshua Bainbridge — Photography, Nathan Stamboultgis — Physical Education, Liam Chai — Science, Lucas Brzeski — Systems Technology, Jonathan Wijaksono — Visual Communication & Design

Multiple Award Winners: Liam Gava — Art and English, Nicholas Sinclair — History and Literature, Raphael Canty — LOTE Italian and Religious Education

Special Achievements

Marcus Karam and Elliot Fabris — Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholarship (Melbourne University)

Year 10 — ACC MVP Sporting Awards

Daniel Bryden — ACC Athletics, Joshua Benton — ACC Basketball, Elliot Fabris — ACC Cricket, Ryan Cosgrave — ACC Football, Zac Hellyer — ACC Soccer, Lachlan Kafer — ACC Tennis, Liam Chai — ACC Volleyball, James Bartholomeusz — ACC Hockey, Brodie Muller — ACC Cross Country and ACC Swimming

Brodie Muller — Sports man of the Year

Year 9 — Academic Awards

Jake Oliva — Art, Sricharan Kumar — Drama, Kane Gordon — Geography, Peter Haines — Literacy Enhancement, Lucas Perri — LOTE Italian, Winston Pham — Mathematics, Addison Rowland — Music : Songwriting, Nicholas Doukelis — Photography, Zac Hawker — Physical Education, Benjamin Spackman — Science

Multiple Award Winners: Thomas Ponissi — English, History and Literature, Tanis Van Laake — LOTE French and Religious Education, Kieran Walsh — Media Studies and Technology

Year 9 — ACC MVP Sporting Awards

Sam Michael — ACC Athletics, Harrison Burt — ACC Basketball, James Bailey — ACC Cricket, Zac Hawker — ACC Cross Country, Nicholas Leontaritis — ACC Football, Kieran Walsh — ACC Hockey, Stephen Hatzikourtis — ACC Soccer, Kyle Williams — ACC Swiming, Nicholas Gourgoulis — ACC Tennis, Billy Tokatlidis — ACC Volleyball

Billy Tokatlidis — Sports man of the Year

Year 8 — Academic Awards

Declan Martin — Art, Louis Osborne — Drama, Harrison Gill — English, Andrew Eracleous — History, Cole Leyden — Literacy Enhancement, Jack Fitzharris — LOTE French, Adam Crestani — LOTE Italian, Mark O’Connor — Science, Aaron Trusler — Physical Education, Harrison Barr — Religious Education, Luke Yaksich — Technology

Multiple Award Winners: Cameron Monaco — Geography and Mathematics

Year 8 — ACC MVP Sporting Awards

Leon Lymbouris — ACC Basketball, William Campbell — ACC Hockey, Tristan Ciancio-Knauer — ACC Soccer, Adam Martuccio — ACC Tennis, Jordan Vlahogiannis — ACC Volleyball, Harrison Gill — ACC Athletics and ACC Swimming, Jack Higgins — ACC Cricket, ACC Cross Country and ACC Football

Jack Higgins — Sports man of the Year

Year 7 — Academic Awards

Jasper White — English, Julian Agius — LOTE Italian, Marco Walker — Geography, Gianluca Intemerato — History, Billy Robinson — Literacy Enhancement, Xavier Rhoden — Mathematics, Patrick Rennick — Music, Liam Halloran — Physical Education, Jameson Clarke — Religious Education, Robert Ranzolin — Science, Zachary Raymond — Technology

Year 7 — ACC MVP Sporting Awards

Lachlan Menara — ACC Athletics, Thomas Marshall — ACC Basketball, Rory Drummond — ACC Cricket, Cooper Joyce — ACC Cross Country, Jared Williams — ACC Football, Elliot Yeates — ACC Hockey, Andrew Pinna — ACC Soccer, Benjamin Richter — ACC Swimming, Ryan O’Meara — ACC Tennis, Sean MacDonald — ACC Volleyball

Jared Williams — Sports man of the Year

Primary — Academic Awards

Year 6:

Dong Ye & Nicholas Leow

Year 5:

Angus Lewis & Leon Wasiewiscz

Year 4:

Ned Coplestone & Mitchell Barnett




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