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Steps for Independence

Late last term several De La Salle students volunteered to take part in a video promoting independence for disabled people.

The video is part of the Steps for Independence initiative.

Can you imagine waking up tomorrow morning and being told that you will never walk again? Or that you’ll need help with the simplest of daily tasks, like getting out of bed in the morning or brushing your teeth?

Every day the lives of average Australians are changed forever by an acquired disability.

Living with a disability doesn’t have to mean dependence.

With the support of friends, family and organisations like Independence Australia, it’s possible to regain independence and achieve goals and dreams after acquiring a physical disability.

Participation in the 2013 Steps for Independence schools challenge will help. Raised funds will be used to provide vital services to support people living with physical disabilities to regain, retain and extend their independence.

Make your steps count for those who can’t!

Step out and count your steps for just one hour on one day, and help Australians living with disability regain their independence.

2013 Steps for Independence schools challenge is happening on Friday 18 October. Further information can be found on the Steps for Independence website.


Andrew Murrell
Drama Co‐ordinator