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VCE Trial Exams

Dear Parents,

Information regarding VCE Trial Exams for Year 12 students (see attached timetable).

Compulsory trial exams for Year 12 students will be held between Monday, 29th September through until Friday 3rd October in the school Gym. All students are expected to attend, be on time and in full school uniform. The trial exams are an important scheduled event in the school calendar.

The exams will be under the supervision of two leading VCAA personnel who oversee the official VCAA exams at the end of the year. Normal VCAA exam rules apply. In particular, no mobile phones may be taken into the exam room (even if they are turned off). Students should also check whether dictionaries, types of calculators and other requisites may be used within the exam room with their subject teacher well before the end of this term.

The students will be given a copy of the exam timetable at the next Year 12 assembly where they will be told how important these exams are and what we expect of them in terms of their application and conduct.

Please note the starting time of exams and make adjustments to travel arrangements to ensure students arrive at the Gym on time.

Thank you for your support and assistance.

Click to download the PDF of the Exam Expectations for Students

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