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Year 7 Football Lightning Premiership

There was a lot of excitement and anticipation at DW Lucas Reserve on the morning of 2 August as our Year 7 boys prepared for their first ever De La Salle Football Lightning Premiership.

It was a bit difficult to determine which Home Room was the favourite but Ms Dickson (7 Roland) and Mr Locke (7 Benilde) were quietly confident about their chances with 7 Roland winning in 2012 and 7 Benilde in 2011.

Rain was predicted to arrive around late morning so we were hoping that we could stay dry until after the Grand Final match.

After the preliminary rounds were completed, 7 Jerome were undefeated and faced 7 Solomon (4th) in the Semi Final. These placings counted for nothing as Solomon charged into the Grand Final with a big win to meet 7 Benilde who accounted for 7 Roland to qualify for the ultimate match.

The rain had arrived by Grand Final time so the wet weather skills of both teams were going to be tested. Solomon took the early initiative and was only really threatened by Benilde just after half time.

The Benilde challenge was short lived and Solomon cruised to victory and well deserved 2013 Premiership glory. Well done to Mrs Cathy Loft, Solomon Home Room Teacher, for guiding the boys to success.

There were many fine Solomon players in the Grand Final and Ben Fierenzi of 7 Solomon was judged as Best on the Ground and received the prestigious Jarryd Lyons Medal.

All Year 7 students who participated can be very proud of their enthusiastic and positive approach towards their first DLS Football Lightning Premiership Day. I’m sure that they will now look forward to this prestigious event on the 2014 Calendar.

The students listed below were nominated by their Home Room Teachers as the Most Valuable Players for their respective Home Room Teams:

7 Benilde – Tom Marshall
7 Dunstan – James McCormack
7 Hegarty – Tom Fogarty
7 Jerome – Cameron Roberts
7 Roland – Sam Mahon
7 Solomon – Jared Williams
7 Vincent – Ky Morgenthaler

Certificates will be awarded to these MVPs at the next Tiverton Campus Assembly.

The final ladder for the day was:

Premiers – Solomon
Runners Up – Benilde
3rd – Roland
4th – Jerome
5th – Vincent
6th – Hegarty
7th — Dunstan

Footy Fever continues at De La this Friday August 9th at DW Lucas Reserve as our Year 8 students will conclude the DLS Lightning Premiership season for 2013.

Peter Harte
Sports Coordinator




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