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DAV Debating Competition

A big congratulations to the teams of dynamic debaters on impressive success at Round Two of the DAV Debating Competition on Tuesday, 1 April 2014.

Four teams competed for De La Salle, with convincing wins by all four teams. 

Year 8 & 9: That we should punish sporting teams for their fans’ violent behaviour — AFFIRMATIVE

Team One:

Maxwell Harvey
Jacob Ellul
Gianluca Intemerato

Team Two:
Adam Crestani
Panos Menidis
Rodny Garrido

Year 10: That we should not grant developing countries the right to host major international sporting events — AFFIRMATIVE

Shiroy Fernando
Sri Kumar
Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy

Year 12: That we should give higher order animals (e.g. monkeys and dolphins) limited ‘human’ rights (e.g. the right to life and freedom from physical harm) — AFFIRMATIVE

John Buchanan
Edward Hirst
Jonathan Dent

I cannot thank Kate McIlroy and Christine Thompson enough for all the time and effort they put in to assist in developing the Debating teams. It is due to their passion and enthusiasm that these boys are provided with the opportunity to take part in such a rewarding and enriching extra-curricular activity.

Rose Roe
English Coordinator

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