Newsprint — instructions for new features

As you may have noticed, our website has had a little facelift of late. As well as the previous homepage updates and addition of Newsprint online, it is now mobile device compatible so that parents on the run will have a better experience accessing our site on their iPhones, androids or tablets.

Calendar functionality — download events to your calendar

The calendar has also been updated to be easier to read and manage. You can now download events from our web calendar straight to the calendar on your mobile device. Simply click ‘Download month’s events’ at the bottom of the Calendar screen and choose the events you would like to download. Press ‘Add to calendar’ and the events will now be on your mobile device! This feature can also be accessed from your computer.

Newsprint Archive

Old editions of Newsprint can be found under the ‘Print this issue’ function on the main Newsprint page.

This is how it will look on your computer screen:

And this is how it will look on your mobile device:


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