Lasallian Speaking Competition 2014

The Lasallian Speaking Competition is an annual event hosted in honour of Brother Quentin O’Halloran, a former teacher of senior English at De La Salle.

The event sees the best orators from St. Bede’s, St. James and De La Salle compete against one another through the delivery of a prepared speech and an impromptu speech on an unseen topic. 2014 was De La Salle’s turn to host the event and the St. Miguel Theatre was the venue for some hotly-contested September action.

The boys representing De La Salle were outstanding. William Sidji of Year 7 began the evening by educating the audience about deforestation. Jordan Burns, of Year 8, followed shortly, urging the audience to question Australia’s national identity, whilst Year 9’s Adam Crestani called for society to recognise the talent of rappers. As the evening progressed, Thomas Ponissi of Year 10 passionately argued that it is time for gender equality, before Matthew Mottola from Year 11 vehemently contended that technology is not killing conversations, bad manners are. Joshua Talbot, Year 12, rounded off the evening by presenting the idea that a change in consumer choices can have a positive impact on society.

Our students were very competitive amongst a strong field from St. James and St. Bede’s, winning the competition at three of the six year levels. Congratulations to Jordan Burns (Year 8), Thomas Ponissi (Year 10) and Matthew Mottola (Year 11) on their success.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the staff that assisted in the organisation and running of the night and the preparation of students. Furthermore, the night would not have been possible without the humour of our MCs, Enzo Hamilton (Year 11) and John Buchanan (Year 12); our student ambassadors (Year 9 & 12 students), who assisted with ushering; and our enthusiastic judges, Lindy Woodburn and Harry Lew of Toastmasters Bayside; all of whom kindly volunteered their time for the event.

The night was a great success; success that we look forward to building on when St. James host the competition in 2015.

Ms Rose Roe,
KLAC English

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