Learning and Teaching

As classes for Semester 2 come to a conclusion attention is squarely placed on preparation for the exam period, commencing from Wednesday 12 November.

Arrangements for the Semester 2 exams have been finalised and a letter explaining these arrangements emailed to parents over the past two days. In addition, a hard-copy to take home has been given to all students. Accompanying the letter is a year level’s timetable, as well as a list of student expectations for the exams. The email contains links to all timetables, published on the DLS website. Students and parents are encouraged to take careful note of all of the relevant information well in advance in order for study and revision to be as focused and productive as possible. At this time, the whole of the College community will no doubt come together to support our students in demonstrating what they have learnt over the second half of the 2014 academic year.

Mr Mark Gustincic
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching


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