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Lord Somers emPOWERme Program

Whilst the weather was wild outside, the Powerhouse building along Albert Park Lake played host to around 100 students from schools around Melbourne. Tuesday 9 September saw five Year 10 De La Salle students attend the emPOWERme Lord Somers program, an entirely youth led event. The interactive whole day workshop sought to engage students with a variety of topics that would help them to reflect on their future aspirations. The theme grounding the day was ‘Life under construction’.

Some guest speakers presented on social justice issues such as the plight of asylum seekers, whilst others called for students to consider their values and the foundations they’re built on. Students were challenged to re-evaluate stereotypes after listening to Jason Ball’s experiences of being gay whilst playing Aussie rules football, and finally, a session about goal-setting rounded off the day’s formalities. Students also took part in small group sessions to discuss the concepts explored in each presentation at a more personal level. Of course there were also the games, such as giant Jenga and Who sir? Me sir?, which was certainly loud and lively.

The day gave students reassurance and courage that they can take control and play a part in building their future and be empowered.

Ms Olivia Wenczel, Leadership Coordinator

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