Media Awards

Last week’s Media Awards were a huge success, featuring more than 20 short film and radio projects produced by students from Years 9 — 12. Once again the awards showcased the artistic and technical talents of our students. A highlight of the evening was the Year 12 films, which are produced as part of Units 3 and 4 Media Studies.

Principal Peter Houlihan, who presented this year’s Media Awards, said the films were of a very high standard and congratulated the students for their efforts. The Award for Best Film went to Alec Young for Spectrum. His winning film, which explored the issues of identity and family violence, was an enlightening piece of film making. One of this year’s awards was for Best Original Soundtrack, which went to Max Renaudin for his film Lovebirds. Well known Melbourne musician and front man for the band Dallas Crane, Dave Larkin, who was in the audience, wrote and performed the soundtrack to the film.

Interspersed throughout the film program, the Year 9 Media student’s radio ads drew from a range of stylistic and persuasive techniques. Another feature of the night was the nominations for best of the Year 10 horror films, Abandoned Melbourne and Paranoia. The Year 11 mash-up nominations included 27 Dresses, Mary Choppins, Titanic and Toy Horror Story.

A special thank you the students, families and staff who attended the awards.

Award winners were as follows:

Best Year 10 Film — Harrison Burt, Stephen Hatzikourtis, Frank McCormack and Rhys Cavallin
Best Year 11 Film — Liam Gava

Year 12 Awards

Best Film — Alec Young
Best Original Screenplay — Xavier Nathan
Best Director — Daniel Incretolli-Rodrigues
Best Production Plan — Luke Brownhill
Best Visual Composition — Jason Sadek
Best Original Soundtrack — Max Renaudin (By Dave Larkin)
Best Editor — Jack Sharry


Ms Kerry Martin
Year 12 Media Teacher

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