Music Notes

This edition of Music Notes covers private music tuition, Grease the musical and the Year 10 Zodiac music event.

Private music lessons — performance levels have been introduced

All private music students are now allocated a Performance Level each semester.

Each student has been enrolled in a level according to approximately how long they have been learning their instrument and their skill level. The level will appear on their semester report.

Bronze 1 & 2 Beginning levels directed at first year learners Technique and repertoire
Silver 1 & 2 Developing levels directed at second year learners Technique and repertoire
Gold 1 & 2 Consolidating levels directed at third year learners Technique and repertoire
Platinum Advanced players Repertoire only

The Performance Levels are designed to help students work through progressive, structured goals and achievement checkpoints in order to make the most of their musical experiences. In conjunction with ensemble and solo concerts, students should become well rounded musicians and proficient performers by the time they reach Platinum level.

Students have already been working towards the requirements for the performances which will take place in Week 7. Schedules will go up on the music noticeboard soon.

The performance counts as one lesson in the semester of lessons.

Grease the musical

Over 100 students auditioned for Grease and the list for parts/chorus will be finalised in the next week. Orchestra and crew information along with final casting will be confirmed at a later date.

Zodiac Year 10 music event

The Year 10 event Zodiac will take place in the PAC on Thursday 23 October. This event is part of the curriculum at Year 10. There will be live music, food and drinks available on the night and all are welcome. A wonderful selection of artists will be performing on the night. Doors are open 5.30pm to 9.00pm, one night only, so come and enjoy the power of music.

Ms Cindy Frost
Director of Music

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