Music Notes

The Year 10 event Zodiac took place last week in the PAC. This is the flagship event of the Year 10 Music curriculum where students organise an event from conception to completion. The class chose to raise money for the Cancer Council. There were about 70 payers through the door and after expenses the donation to the charity is just over $500.

On behalf of the Year 10 class, I extend a thank you to the staff who supervised on the night. It would not have been possible without this support.

There were seven acts in total and a wonderful DJ. The music was excellent, with a great theme of original tunes filtering through each act. There was a terrific mix of artists and bands, including many players from the class.

Upcoming events

Studio Concert is scheduled for Tuesday 11 November in the PAC. This evening will featuring a selection of flute, saxophone and drum students exploring solo repertoire in a small performance setting. More details about this are event available here.







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