Pastoral Care and Organisation

Over the long history of the College, the four Houses — Austin’s (yellow), Edwin’s (green), Leo’s (blue) and Mark’s (red) — have brought a sense of identity and purpose to students across a wide range of co-curricular activities. Houses help create a ‘home’ within a home and significantly enhance the pastoral care and the opportunities for leadership and teamwork available to students.

In 2015 all staff and students will be allocated to a House. The major sports carnivals (athletics, cross-country and swimming) at the College will be conducted as House events. There will also be other House events, for example across the performing arts piloted next year. Considerable care has been taken to ensure that boys who have a prior connection to Houses, either directly, through older siblings or past family members, have been returned to their traditional House group.

Students will be notified of their House allocation in February next year.


On behalf of all the staff at the College, I wish all families a joyful Christmas and happy New Year and safe holiday period. Thank-you for your support throughout this year as we look forward a very exciting 2015.



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