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Rocket Launch

On Wednesday 17 September Year 6 students headed down to Caulfield Racecourse to launch rockets they made last year as part of Design, Creativity and Technology. Due to inclement weather on their scheduled launch day they were unable to launch them, and after waiting so long to get the chance the boys were very excited.

The rockets are purchased in kit form and each student constructs and decorates their own rocket. They are powered by solid fueled engines which utilise an electrically powered igniter to ignite them. Once going they can reach speeds upward of 200 km/h for a brief amount of powered flight (6 seconds). They then coast for a further 5 seconds, reaching an altitude of around 50 metres (160 ft), before popping a streamer and drifting to the ground. The boys had a great time trying to catch their rockets, however due to the wind it was a little tricky!

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