Primary School News

The Primary School staff at De La Salle College have developed a creative Design and Technology Program through the Ausvels curriculum that uses the skills and knowledge of the teachers from each primary year level.

Tim Curran, Year 4 Teacher, takes the Year 5 students through a rocket building and launching program. Terry Atkins, Year 6 Teacher, takes the Year 4 boys on a journey through a Lego-technics activity and Ray Leetham, Year 5 teacher, teaches woodwork to Year 6. All programs come under the umbrella of the new Ausvels curriculum.

Aspects of the Year 6 program include product design, material selection, and the measuring and cutting of components and joins. Completed pieces of work include the ‘famous’ bird boxes, Christmas decorations and jewellery boxes with a hidden space.

Each staff member assesses student work and completes the student report for the area they teach.

This unique and engaging program caters for boys’ learning and gives boys the opportunity to have personal input into many stages of the program.

Mr Ray Leetham
Year 5 Teacher

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