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Each year the Year 6 class participates in the East Malvern RSL Remembrance Day Service and the school scholarship program that they offer to the local schools.

The aims of the scholarship are to create awareness around the Returned and Services League, to assist students to achieve a good knowledge of Australian history and to grant financial assistance for use in their entry to secondary education.

During October the Year 6 class worked on individual Australian or military history projects and six students, Brock Augustynski, Patrick Clarke, Owen Davies, Harrison Zendarski, Texas Watterston and Will Martin, were selected to showcase their projects at the RSL on Remembrance Day. were invited to showcase their projects.

Congratulations to Brock who was the winner of the East Malvern RSL Sub-Branch Inc. Annual Remembrance Scholarship for Best Australian History Project 2014. Brock received a certificate and a contribution from the RSL towards his school fees.



Nacho supreme and chocolate crackles

On Wednesday 29 October 2014 Year 6 made nachos, except for Noah Wooldridge, Justin Oh and Brock Augustynski. The nachos were graded on teamwork, look and taste. The best group got 48 out of 50; they got 20 out of 20 for teamwork, 9 out of 10 for look and 19 out of 20 for taste. For the group that didn’t make nachos they made chocolate crackles with popping candy – it tasted absolutely fantastic!

Most of the nachos were made out of doritos/corn chips, salsa, cheese, sour cream, baked beans and guacamole.

One of the nine groups got a little overexcited and for two people it resulted in some very red/orange De La Salle shirts. Overall everyone had an extremely fun day with lots of relaxation and fun! Mr Atkins and Mrs Finn had more fun than anyone else, eating everyone’s food!

Brock Augustynski, Josh Coplestone and James Pavlou
Year 6

Nachos in Year 6

On Wednesday 29 October the Year 6 students made nachos (with the help of Mr Atkins, Mrs Finn and Mel). For some making nachos was fantastic and for others it was disastrous. Making nachos on the 29th was a challenge, as the Year 12 students had their English exam. There was a variety of different types of nachos; in fact one group didn’t make nachos, they made chocolate crackles with popping candy. Some groups had plain chips with cheese; others had baked beans, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. Some students got so excited that it resulted in nachos going everywhere. It was great day for Mrs Finn as well, as she couldn’t stop eating the nachos. Overall it turned out to be a success, and something all the Year 6 students will remember for a long time.

Owen Davies, Lukas Galanopoulos and Tom Simpson
Year 6

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