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Wednesday 22 October provided some ideal weather for the combined ACC Junior and Intermediate Chess Tournaments being held at Parade College, Bundoora. It was quite an extravaganza, with each tournament played as two divisions and more than 200 players in action. It was a full day event run by ChessKids as a time-restricted Swiss tournament of seven rounds.

We table one team for each comp and they are currently both in Division 2. Our Intermediate Team (Years 9 & 10) came in a respectable 4th of the seven teams, with Angus Secomb, Steven Hart and Isaac Zheng-Renner being our best players. Our Junior Team (Years 7 & 8) led for six of the seven rounds, but got bumped into 2nd place. Our top Junior players were Will Cavey, Dom Gehrig and Terence Leong.

Mr Larry Evans
Chess Coordinator

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