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Last weekend four students competed in the National Youth and Under 15 Weightlifting Championships in Launceston:

  • Bryce Morgan (10S) – Bronze in the 94kg Youth Division
    Personal Best lift in the snatch by 5kg
  •  Jay Saddington (10S) — Bronze Medal in the 85kg Youth Division
  • Daniel Dakdouk (9S) — Silver in the Under 15 Division
    Personal Best lift of 78kg in snatch and 80kg in clean and jerk
  • Sam Gardiner (8H) — Silver in the 50kg Division
    A 7kg overall improvement for a Personal Best total of 78kg

I give great credit to our DLS weightlifters for their dedication and perseverance.

Thank you to our Specialist Coach Simon Francazio (ex DLS Student and Weightlifter) and Mr David Hale for supporting the boys at the National Championships.

The College is holding a Weightlifting Reunion on Friday 24 October. The new weightlifting centre will be opened at Tiverton Campus before guests head to the Racecourse Hotel in East Malvern for dinner and drinks. Click here for more information or to book (this is a free event).

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ACC Week 1 sport results are available here.

Mr Peter Harte
Director of Sport

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