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Students featured in Shared Stories Anthology 2014

On Tuesday 25 November the 2014 edition of the Shared Stories Anthology was published. It includes work by a number of our students, and given that this book forms part of the permanent collection of the state library of Victoria, it is quite an achievement to have a piece of work published.

This edition of the Shared Stories Anthology runs to 512 pages, and contains written pieces and artwork from 18 Catholic schools across Victoria. It includes work by the following students:

Young Sohn, Year 11
Tyrone Bonfitto, Year 9
Rory Fenech, Year 9
Jacques Ludekens, Year 5
Tanis Van Laake, Year 10
Matthew Foster, Year 11
Patrick Clarke, Year 6
Brayden Philpott, Year 11
Joshua Bainbridge, Year 11
Nik Hema, Year 12
Chris Ovens, Year 9
Liam Moore, Year 10
Alec Young, Year 12
John Buchanan, Year 12
William Wright, Year 10
Thomas Ponissi, Year 10
Andrew Mcgaw, Year 6
Liam Gava, Year 11
Justin Lack, Year 11
Brock Augustynski, Year 6

Congratulations to these boys and to every student who has a piece in the anthology.

Read more about Shared Stories at www.sharedstoriesanthology.org/about.html.

Cover picture shown above by Natalie Birthisel, Year 11 Star of the Sea student.
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