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Year 7 Dunstan Camp

On Wednesday 19 February, 7 Dunstan traveled to Jan Juc!

We left by bus at 9:00am for a 2 hour trip. We stopped in early in the trip to Queenscliff. We were going to snorkel at Port Phillip Bay. We got ready our gear walked to Port Phillip Bay. In Port Phillip Bay, we saw some puffa fish, fascinating coral, cat sharks and stingray swimming below us. It was amazing seeing the scenery in Port Phillip Bay, experiencing the wildlife of the ocean. After we finished snorkeling, we travelled to the Marine Centre in Queenscliff. We got to touch the marine animals. We got to feel different kinds of seaweed, living crabs, different types of snails, starfish and so on. The most interesting thing about these creatures is that they all of these marine animals were all from Victoria. The biggest highlight in the Marine Centre was when we got to see with a microscope what 2 drops of salt water is up-close. We saw plankton, krill and other small

The next day, we travelled to Torquay Beach. We wore our wetsuits, got our surfboards, and learnt how to surf. Most of the people at some point started to stand up on their board. 7 Dunstan found it hard at first to stand, but as we learnt the technique more, we were able to stand whether it was 1 second, or if we could ride the whole wave. As our final activity of the day, we travelled back to Jan Juc beach and we did “Beach Olympics.” We did scavenger hunts and beach games. We got enough time to have free time to swim.

So in conclusion 7 Dunstan had a lot of fun at camp. I hope that the rest of year 7 will have as much fun as we had. Go 7 Dunstan!


Lorenzo Borje 



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