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Year 7 Jerome Camp

Surf, sand and sunshine. If that is not enough, add a freely accessible pool table. These were the superstars of the 7 Jerome camp held at the Surf life saving club, JanJuc.

The camp that started with 31 sceptic minds when we encountered more rain drops than cars on the Monash Freeway. But the Bellarine had other ideas.

Hello Sunshine! Snorkelling and finding fish to Marine Discovery centre and touching fish, the day began with a bang. If Surfing lessons the second day morning were the highlight of the camp, ‘Beach Olympics’ were an absolute blast. Obviously, when the parents arrived on the third day, most of us were devastated that the fun times had ended. All the great food parents brought was some consolation but also a sad reminder that all good things must one day come to an end.

Our group of 28 boys had a lot of fun in the camp. Mr Clements and Mr. Dickinson were just awesome in assisting us with all our needs and making this camp a time to remember. Their cooking skills have made us find faults in our mum’s cooking. Our homeroom teacher Mr. Kaneria acted as if it was his first camp of his life. On kicking his only goal during beach soccer, it felt as if he had won the soccer world cup………. Twice!! The ten goals that were scored against him were obviously easily forgotten. Some of us swam long enough in the surf to give a complex to all nearby fish.

Year 7 Jerome

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