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Primary AFL Clinic Report

On Wednesday 16 September Year 4, 5 and 6 went to Malvern Oval to do an AFL clinic with the Year 11 boys. They split us into four groups — Edwin’s, Mark’s, Austin’s and Leo’s — and there were four stations: one was agility and handballing, we also did marking and specky taking, goal kicking and last but not least we did ‘kick to kick’.

In the goal kicking we did a game where we had to kick the goal from all angles. On the second kick the angle was the hardest of them all and I got a point. On the ‘kick to kick’ I was with James and the best we got were two marks in a row and the best was 27 marks in a row.

We then played a game where you could only kick to each other or handball to each other. In the agility and handballing we got to the goals by only handballing to each other and you had to handball the ball between the two posts.

It was all so much fun and at the end we got a photo with the Premiership Cup. A DLS dad brought the Premiership Cup in!

Max Kolpin
Year 5

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