Chaplain’s Notes

Year 8 Retreats

The Year 8 students gathered over a period of three days to reflect on their lives, their relationships with friends and family and their relationship with God.

Once again we had the support of Year 11 students in some of the small groups. Their ability to engage the younger students in discussion and model the strong Lasallian ethos of ‘big brother’ was a powerful witness.

This was a first experience for many of the students and they expressed their enjoyment of the day and the opportunity to share with their peers and to think more about how they lived their lives.



After many weeks of preparation 20 students from De La Salle joined with another 35 young people for Confirmation at St Anthony’s on Sunday 9 August. Bishop Elliott declared how impressed he was with their understanding of the Sacrament. Three Year 7 boys also received their First Communion from the Bishop.

We congratulate Adam Car, Lachlan Cook, Joshua Fernando, Kieran Halloran, Jacques Ludekens, Harry McAuliffe, Liam Robertson, William Russell, Thomas Seddon, Ethan Sinnott, James Suffolk, Patrick Thompson, Callum Thompson, Finn O’Kane, Elan Crowe, Oliver Kamo-Fejes, Harry Barber, Sam Lanigan, Harry Carver and Isaac Ford.


First Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 15 November 2015.

Classes commenced this week in preparation for First Communion. Please contact me immediately if you wish your son to prepare for this Sacrament and have not been contacted.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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