Chaplain’s Notes

A warm welcome back to a new academic year and especially to those who have joined us for the first time. We will all be working hard to ensure that your sons feel comfortable and secure as they begin a new period in their lives.


The College supports students seeking Sacrament preparation. If your parish offers preparation I would encourage you to use these opportunities as your first option. If you do wish to tap into the College program, and have not already contacted me, please do so without delay on my direct line: 9508 2161. You may also email me at or alternatively, return the form included in the 2014 new student package.

At the start of each year a Commissioning ceremony is held in which all students, parents and teachers of candidates for the Sacraments during the current year commit to the program and receive a blessing. The date for this will be advised in the next Newsletter.

The Sacrament of Penance or First Reconciliation will be held in the College Chapel on Tuesday 21 April at 7pm. Preparation for will commence during Term 1.

Confirmationwill be celebrated on Sunday 9 August, 2015at11.00am. Mass at St Anthony’s Parish Glen Huntly. Classes will commence in Term 2.

First Communion will be celebrated later in the year (date to be advised).

If I can be of assistance to families in any way, you are welcome to contact me at the College. There are times in all our families where we need an extra prayer or some personal support, so please know I am available to you.

I wish all our families every blessing as you progress through the new academic year.

 Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain


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