Chaplain’s Notes

Students and staff marked the beginning of Lent with Homeroom para‐liturgies on Ash Wednesday. The season of Lent is a momentous period in our Christian story and practice. It is most significant in our Christian development.

Hugh Mackay in his book The Good Life asks the question, “what makes a life worth living?” He argues that we (especially our young people) may be sacrificing the very thing that will lead to the deepest sense of satisfaction: self‐respect, based on self‐control.

During Lent we are challenged to take time out to think about how we are living our lives. We are asked:

  • to practice self‐control by giving up something;
  • to increase our self‐respect and respect of others by taking up some action that will make our world a better place for those in need.

The real goal of Lent is “conversion”. The aspiration of every Christian is to leave Lent a stronger and more vital person of faith than when we entered.


St Joseph’s Malvern have advised that Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Communion will be celebrated at St Joseph’s Church Malvern in 2015.

Confirmation will take place at St Joseph’s for students in Year 6 and over on Friday 29 May. If you are a member of the Malvern Parish you can enrol on the website: no later than Friday 13 March.

Sacramental preparation at De La Salle

The Sacrament of Penance or First Reconciliation will be held in the College Chapel on Tuesday 21 April at 7pm.

Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday 9 August, 2015 at11.00 a.m. Mass at St Anthony’s Parish Glen Huntly. Classes will commence in Term 2.

First Communion will be celebrated later in the year (date to be advised).

I will you all a rich and productive 40 days of preparing for the great feast of Easter.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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