Debating Association of Victoria (DAV) Debating Round 1 Results

Congratulations to De La Salle’s Year 9, 11 and 12 debaters for a sterling start to the 2015 season. Of the four debates held at Caulfield Grammar on Tuesday 1 March, De La Salle won three and lost one (by a point). Adjudicators were complimentary of the professional delivery of our speakers and rock solid speech structure. Special mentions go to Year 11 student Matthew Sidji and Year 9 student Panos Menidis, who took out Best Speaker titles in their respective debates on the night.


Year 9

That magazines should ban photo editing (De La Salle – Negative Team)

Team 1: Panos Menidis, Jacob Ellul, Gianluca Intemerato WIN

Team 2: Ethan Tambimuttu, Rodny Garrido, Jordan Burns LOSS

Year 11

That women should pay less tax (De La Salle – Affirmative Team)

Team 1: Keelan Tambimuttu, Matthew Sidji, Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy WIN

Year 12

That fracking should be permitted (De La Salle – Affirmative Team)

Team 1: Matthew Mottola, William Wright, Liam Gava WIN

Ms Olivia Wenczel
Learning Area Team Leader — English



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