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David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s Under Pressure would have been a fitting theme song for DAV Debating Rounds 3 and 4.

Whilst Year 9 teams continued with prepared topics, Year 11 and 12 teams were presented with a secret topic one hour prior to their debating time. Students were allowed to bring in hardcopy materials such as newspapers, but did not have access to any ICT devices or teacher assistance during preparation time. A bustle of fast paced brainstorming and pen to cue card ensued. Within only one hour teams were to produce three six to eight minute speeches, including pre-emptive rebuttals – a commendable effort to say the least. Below are the results for Round 3 and 4.



Year 9

That we should get rid of State governments.

(De La Salle – Negative Team)

Team 2: Nick Warren, Gianluca Intemerato, Panos Menidis WIN

Best Speaker: Nick Warren

Year 11

That individuals should be able to sell their vote.

(De La Salle – Negative Team)

Team 1: Stephan Kokkas, Sri Kumar, Tansis Van Laake LOSS (1 pt)

Year 12

That we should not allow unvaccinated children to attend public schools.

(De La Salle – Negative Team)

Team 1: Thomas Ponissi, Liam Ramirez, William Wright WIN

Best Speaker: Thomas Ponissi


That music is the most important form of art.

(De La Salle – Negative Team)

Team 1: Jacob Ellul, Daniel Papalia, Jordan Burns WIN

Best Speaker: Jordan Burns

Team 2: Forfeit

 Year 11

That we should make fines relative to wealth.

(De La Salle – Affirmative Team)

Team 1: Lachlan Bulman, Kealan Tambimuttu, Matthew Sidji WIN

Best Speaker: Lachlan Bulman

Year 12

That in instances where peaceful protests are met with a disproportionately violent state response, protesters should respond violently.

(De La Salle – Affirmative Team)

Team 1: Sri Kumar, Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy, Liam Ramirez WIN

Best Speaker: Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy

Ms Olivia Wenczel
LATL English



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