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ACC Year 7 and 8 Debating and Public Speaking

On Monday 9 November, six of our students (accompanied by Mrs Jacinta Ryan) made their way to St Bernard’s College to participate in the ACC Year 7 and 8 Debating and Public Speaking Competition. After some late withdrawals, the pressure was on the six boys to lead.


Our debating team consisted entirely of Year 7 students who were newcomers to the sport. Novices on debut, they put their best foot forward in each round. Whilst competitive, their inexperience showed as they were pitted against teams consisting of Year 8 students. Ms Ryan commends the boys on their spirited team work and cooperation during the planning and preparatory lunchtime sessions and on the day of the event. Ms Ryan commented that the boys have learnt much from the experience.

The following Year 7 students were involved in the debating team:

  • Julian Gonzales
  • Jonah Haberfield
  • Luke Shelley
  • Connor Woods-Scamporlino

Public Speaking

Our public speakers were more seasoned and saw some impressive results. Both Year 8 students, Ben Gibson and William Sidji, took to the microphone and lectern. Ben, a participant of the Lasallian Public Speaking Competition earlier in the year, was true to his natural style and presented a humorous prepared speech on ‘Homework’. He performed courageously in the impromptu round also.

Special mention goes to William, who of the two prepared speech rounds, won each against his opponents. William spoke on ‘Internet Censorship’ and ‘The Seven Wonders of the World’.

Ms Olivia Wenczel
LATL English

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