DLS Old Collegians Football Club

Player profile

Name Sam Williams
Nickname Swill, Swilla, Swillo
Number 17
Position Rover, Wing
DOB 30 September 1988
Debut 2008
Games played 140 odd
Previous clubs Ashy Redbacks, CFC
AFL team supported Saints
Most admired player/sportsperson Robert Harvey (could run all day & his lid)
Best football/sporting memory Running out in the blue & gold with both brothers
Other sports played Weapon on the golf course, speed skating & cricket (keeper/batsmen)
Job/study Landscape Architect

If you could invite three people round for dinner who would it be?
Russell Brand, Tiger Woods, Gina Rhinehart (interesting dynamics)

Funniest teammate
Funny blokes everywhere you look down on the track, but maybe Denso!

Best Paul Satterley moment or cliché since his arrival at the club
Amazon Dolphin

Teammate who has trained the house down and looks set for a huge 2015
Joely Mattiske looking dangerous in all black, thick, heavy runners and new boy Timmy Landels looking a likely type.

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