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Year 9 English: Semester 2 ‘A Crazy Stupid Thing Called Love’ Unit

Having studied ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Year 9 English students were given reflective, analytical and creative tasks to assess their knowledge and understanding. For the creative assessment task, students were required to construct a sonnet about the theme of ‘love’. Below are the top sonnets from each homeroom in Year 9.

The Concept of Love
By Daniel Papalia

Is love an imperative emotion?
An emotion that has been desired,
Yet has caused plenty of commotion,
But is still adamantly admired.
Love will always be a vicious battlefield,
Where the Battle of Somme are far too great.
The relations are eventually annealed,
With an aptitude of catharsis and prate.
But Love loathes lethargic negligence,
It zealously aspires for great success.
Alas, sceptics think that our decadence,
Has caused lost love longer to convalesce.
Love’s an absurd and unique emotion,
Acquainted with a truly confusing notion.


Le Sonnet
By Nick Paspaliaris

A butterfly lingers within my heart
Love does not lie only upon trinkets
For throughout the air flies cupid’s dart.
Fishing for the bearer of my ringlet
After I find my ring bearer, I sing
For I cannot solitarily live,
I say, to those in need, wait for the ding
As long as you have faith in one to give
Once my life is on track It cannot crash
Unless someone who wishes to destroy,
The majesty of love to crumb and ash,
They need to learn how to depart with joy,
And now the end is near, I say goodbye
And to those in despair, only don’t cry.


Love Sonnet
By Nathan Crouch

Let’s start now, take my hand and lead the way
For this is a journey that we should take
I’m ready now, for the path that you say
Act truthful — don’t make a single mistake
Your love is like rain falling from the sky
It touches me from deep down inside
I cannot ignore it, it still comes by
My heart races like on a scary ride
Making memories on the first date night
You release soft feelings like silent tides
The love between you and I shines so bright
You are my flashlight, my personal guide
Let your soft voice whisper into my ear
Love is a sweet sound that I cannot fear.


The Balcony Scene
By William Cavey

Juliet, your skin is soft like a flower.
Your beauty can’t be matched by anyone.
I come here tonight with all my power.
To see your bright face, shining in the sun.
I can hear her voice, is it really her.
Romeo, you must go before you’re seen.
Your great beauty is too much of a spur.
I shall climb up the vines that shine bright green.
My sweet Juliet, I can see you up there.
Your gorgeous lips, I can’t resist to kiss.
I must leave, before they come down the stair.
One last goodbye my gorgeous, one last kiss.
Farewell Juliet, I will always be true
For now though remember, that I love you.


Without Love
By Ben Carter

Having a life without a sense of love
A cloudless sky but no warmth from the sun
No air to breath, suffocating above
Crossing the line without knowing you won
A loveless life is so small and hollow
A beach with no sand, a sea with no waves
Wandering around no path to follow
A cemetery of holes and empty graves
Everything seems to be so dull and grey
Stormy nights making everything seem worse
The raindrops washing the colour away
No riches to share just an empty purse
Live without love is just no life at all
My heart beats slowly and waits for a call.


Love’s Nature
By Joel Van Echteld

Love is feral to the young and the old
Cupid, love god, at a drop of a stone,
Shall release his love bow, laced with rich gold.
Once hit by him, your heart is overblown.

Love makes your feet feel light as a feather
Your heart soars, but words cannot part your mouth
You wish in your heart to be together
You hope to grow old in the far north south.

But her eyes look west, to another’s soul.
Your shattered heart weeps, and breaks in your chest,

All that is left is a dark deep damp hole.
Far in distant past, you felt truly blessed.

Days grow dark, life loses his grand splendour,
you grow up, knowing, the heart is tender.


Love Sonnet
By Alexander Digby

Is it euphoria or misery?
Why joviality then dejection?
Why such rancor towards our history?
Why don’t we reminisce with elation?
Her auburn hair enchant my stoic heart,
Her crimson lips belong to mine, unproven,
But for those reasons you’re my tabooed art.
Those amber eyes bedazzle I’m hooven,
Your best is majestic and worst is raw.
Should we focus on what pain we have had?
Shall we revive those divine days and soar?
Is pain and bliss love or is it a fad?
My mind has thought and it is clear to me,
Our love shall come triumphant just see.









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