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Exam Timetables — Semester 1, 2015

Listed below are the exam timetables relevant for your son’s year level.

Please note specific details for each year level below:-


  • Year 7 and 8 students are to be at school for homeroom during the exam period. They will attend exams as scheduled and return to normal classes for the remainder of their school day. Click to download the PDF of the Year 7 2015 Exam Timetable and Year 8 2015 Exam Timetable.


  • Year 9 will not have any normally timetabled classes and will be expected to arrive at school in time for the commencement of their first exam for the day. Year 9 students will be dismissed at the conclusion of their last exam each day. Some Year 9 students will have an exam in sessions 1 and 3 but not session 2. In this instance they will be allocated a study room and will have normal lunch and recess breaks. These students will not be permitted to leave the campus at any time during the day. Click to download the PDF of the Year 9 2015 Exam Timetable.


  • Years 10, 11 and 12 students are not required to be in homeroom, however, they are to present at their exam location at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their exams. They are not required to attend school except for their scheduled exams. For students undertaking a VCE Unit 3 subject, the VCAA General Achievement Test (GAT) will take place on Wednesday 10 June, from 10.00am to 1.15pm. Click to download the PDF of the Year 10 2015 Exam TimetableYear 11 2015 Exam Timetable and Year 12 2015 Exam Timetable.


  • Year 11 & 12 VCAL students — The normal timetabled program will take place for VCAL students in order to protect and maintain VET attendance requirements, employer obligations and ongoing project work.

All normal school expectations apply regarding travel on public transport and it is a College requirement that all students attend exams in their full winter uniform. Click to download the PDF of the 2015 Exam Student Expectations.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely,


Mark Gustincic
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching


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