From the Principal

While Term 4 is barely underway for Years 4 – 11, the formal schooling experience for Year 12 students is drawing very rapidly to a close.

Such finality is a little daunting for all after the best part of 13 years but this is a wonderful group of young men which has proven itself so capable, reliable and cooperative in 2015 I am confident they will navigate this final passage with aplomb.

This Friday sees the final day of formal classes, followed by a celebration day on Monday, with the cohort’s formal farewell and exit from the College occurring on Tuesday with a breakfast and whole school assembly. This is always a much anticipated and poignant occasion, with the College Captain’s address a traditional highlight. A broad range of significant awards are also presented to various worthy Year 12 recipients in areas covering academic pursuits, the arts, Lasallian and community service and sport. This is a memorable event on the calendar as the whole College is able to farewell the graduating class and wish them well for their exams and endeavours beyond.

Following this, on Wednesday the Year 12 Valedictory Mass is held with the Eucharistic celebration at St Ignatius Parish Church in Richmond, followed by a formal dinner at Etihad Stadium’s Victory Room.

Last Thursday I spoke to the Year 12 group about the importance of finishing the year well and taking only positive memories with them. While the message was clearly for the Year 12 students the advice is relevant for all our young men as a reminder of the clear expectations and high standards we have for each of our students.

The Class of 2015 have been a terrific year level, as evidenced by their tremendous involvement in so many events, activities, programs and initiatives throughout the year. Our first Year 12 Retreat for years, Mission Action Day, House and ACC Athletics days, the superbly organised Formal, Grease, ACC sport, DAV Debating, Lasallian Public Speaking, Music recitals and an excellent Founder’s Day celebration are just some of the areas in which this group has contributed so much this year.

While all the above have been pleasing to see, I am most proud of the boys for the improved way in which they have embraced their academic responsibilities. This group has drawn many comments for their commitment to their studies as evidenced by their increased presence in the library, including many hours after school, improved efforts in punctual completion of work tasks — to a much higher standard — and a responsible and organised approach to the trial exams in the recent term break. This bodes well for their success but a dedicated program of revision and exam practice is still critical in order to achieve their full potential.

The achievements, the positive relationships and their wider contribution to the life of the College makes it even more important to leave us with dignity and maturity. My mantra at this time of the year, communicated explicitly to the students last week is as follows:

Look after each other and avoid any decisions, actions or pursuits which risk harm, damage or injury to:

  • themselves
  • school property or indeed any property belonging to the general public
  • the reputation of the College.

As ever — common sense, responsible decisions and respect for those around us will ensure the Year 12 cohort conclude their formal schooling in a manner which befits their outstanding contribution to the College. I have been very proud of them and look forward to celebrating the end of the year in appropriate fashion with each of them.

2016 Leaders

As is the norm, as soon as one group of Year 12 students readies themselves for departure, the next generation steps into the gap. Last Friday saw the conclusion of a thorough and comprehensive process of application, references, presentations and interviews to decide on the Year 12 Student Leadership Team for 2016. I must say the standard of candidates putting themselves forward was simply tremendous. These are graduating Year 11 students of a very high order and offer so much promise and potential for what they will contribute to the College in 2016.

I am pleased to announce the following:

2016 Kinnoull Student Leadership Structure

College Captain
Anthony Arceri

College Vice-Captains
Tim Fierenzi and Sean O’Callaghan


House Captain
Michael Canny

House Vice-Captains
Michael Donnarumma and Will Jones

Lasallian Captain
Kieran Walsh

Arts Captain
Liam Ramirez



House Captain
Sri Kumar

House Vice-Captains
Liam Kelliher and Kyle Williams

Lasallian Captain
Xavier-Joseph de La Masse-Homsy

Arts Captain
Charles Joseph



House Captain
Will Taylor

House Vice-Captains
Nick Leontaritis and Liam O’Neill

Lasallian Captain
Stephan Kokkas

Arts Captain
Tom Ponissi



House Captain
Liam Murphy

House Vice-Captains
Sam Michael and Liam Moore

Lasallian Captain
Lachlan Bulman

Arts Captain
Will Wright

I wish the departing Class of 2015 and the recently appointed 2016 Leaders all the very best and congratulate each of them.

Mr Peter Houlihan

First Communion

A reminder that First Communion will be celebrated on Sunday 15 November 2015. Classes are in progress in preparation for First Communion. Contact for more information.



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