Geography News

During the last two weeks of Term 1, geography classes from Years 8–12 have been in the field practising their skills and gaining first -hand knowledge of the topics that they have been studying in class.

There have been fieldtrips to Hampton and Sandringham Beaches, investigating the management of this changing environment; Rye foreshore and back beach to examine these landscapes; various coasts along the Mornington Peninsula collecting and collating information on natural characteristics, human impact and management strategies; and lastly, Chapel Street to study this as a resource.

During these fieldtrips, students have been required to use many skills that are important to geographers: observation, collection, photography, recording, sketching, counting, interviewing, describing, assessing, analysing and evaluating. This information was then used to complete fieldwork reports as part of their formal assessment. The students have gained many new skills in the process, challenged themselves to present information in new forms and hopefully had an enjoyable day in a different type of classroom. We look forward to more in Term 2 as other year levels also venture out for their fieldwork.

Mrs Georgina Dwyer and the De La Salle Geography Department


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