Hong Kong Academic Trip — Part 2

In the last edition of Duce, students on exchange in Hong Kong shared some of their stories with us.

Below are two more recent blog entries from Josh. Read part 1 here.

Day 7 — Waking up in Hong Kong

Waking up in Hong Kong is something else — it is stinking hot, even with your air con on full blast. The sounds of car horns echo through the city, there’s a little kid crying through a wall six feet from your head and there’s a couple of old ladies squabbling outside. Waking up is an experience in itself.

Darren (my host) and I head off to school at about 7:50am — it’s a short two minute walk. School today was a pretty normal day for the La Salle boys. The day started off with some sustained silent reading, then Economics, followed by Business, Accounting and Financing, then it’s recess. After recess we had double Maths which is pretty much just a lecture from our Maths teacher Mr Lai. Then we had Liberal Studies, which is about how to positively contribute to the community, and more specifically in today’s lesson, how retirement affects people and how we can help the elderly during that time. Then it’s lunch time.

After lunch we have Chinese and then English, where we did some listening activities. After school Darren and Ernest (Ben’s host) took us to Hong Kong Island and we caught the tram around the island. We got on and off several times and stopped for a visit at Times Square. Afterwards we got back on the tram to head back home. The tram was a terrific way to see the city. For dinner we went out to Darren’s cousin’s restaurant where pork is the signature dish — boy it was good. After dinner we came home and I just hit the wall, Hong Kong wears you out. It was a great day!

Day 9 — Bargain Hunting

We had a cracking day today. Back at Darren’s place we had a well-earned sleep in after last night’s adventures around Ocean Park. We woke up a tad late for the breakfast menu at the local traditional restaurant so we jumped straight into lunch instead. Lunch was out of this world, all this pork and noodles with this to die for sauce served on a sizzling platter. You don’t go hungry in Hong Kong.

After lunch I got dropped off at Liam’s place and we headed back out to the Ladies Market. After looking in every single Nike store in Sneaker Street we came to the conclusion that there isn’t a pair of size 12 shoes in Hong Kong. Big shame because they were so cheap. After Sneaker Street we headed to the Ladies Market again. You can drift in and out of form when shopping in the markets, sometimes you’ll get a good deal and others you’ll regret a few seconds later. But tonight was something special, everything we touched turned to gold. We saved about $750 HK dollars between us just through bargaining, which was a pretty awesome effort. We must also thank Liam’s host parents for helping us break through the language barrier. After emptying the wallets we headed back to Liam’s place for some dinner. After dinner Darren came to pick us up and we headed to the park to show some of Daz’s friends how we play basketball back in Aus. It was a massive day and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.




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