Important Notices

Important notices for all members of the College community.

Live chat with College Counsellor Maree Keel, tonight from 8:00pm

Want to help your teenager deal with stress?

We have partnered with The Weekly Review to host an online forum answering your questions and offering tips to implement real, positive change in your child’s life.

Don’t forget to join the conversation tonight at 8:00pm with Cheryl Critchley and De La Salle College Counsellor Maree Keel.

Chat live tonight or comment now! Join the event at

Making Men Camp

The following camp comes highly recommended by De La Salle College students:

About Making Men

This is a life changing experience and one of the best things you could do for your boy at this critical time.

Our evidence based outcomes for boys who have attended these programs include:

  • Stronger father son relationships
  • More confident communication and social skills
  • Higher levels of respect for mothers and women
  • Improved attitude towards finishing school
  • Improved motivation to participate and give back to the community
  • Increases self esteem

Why do the Making Men Camp?

  • To bring out the best in your boy and celebrate him becoming a young man.
  • To address the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening in your boy’s life in a safe and structured way.
  • To ensure the development of strong, healthy relationships that will continue to support him during his teenage and adult years.
  • To encourage your son to think about his future and what he wants to do with his life. It gives him an opportunity to think about what childhood behaviours he is ready to let go of as he moves into manhood.

Learn more at

Coolies are selling Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are just $65 & offer up to $20,000 in discounts & 2‑for‑1 offers.

You’ll be ahead after just two uses!

A great gift or simply a good excuse to get out more. Buying through De La Salle Coolies Project contributes funds towards this annual social justice initiative – we get $13 per book.

You can choose between the usual Entertainment Book with card & coupons or the smartphone digital membership.

How to Order

Buy on-line by credit card at:

*Can collect the hardcopy book from Tiverton Office at De La Salle College

**Digital membership – just follow the instructional email.

For further information about Entertainment Books or De La Salle Coolies feel free to contact Larry Evans at

Urgent — Seeking old College diary

Many years ago, a school diary was issued to the students that had a few pages at the start which listed the swimming and athletic records held by students at the school over the years. If you have kept a copy of this diary, could you please email a copy of these pages to me at or mail them to me here at school at your earliest convenience.

Mrs Catherine Loft
De La Salle College

Understanding the Asylum Seeker Experience Workshop

Thursday 18 June, 7:30–9:30pm. Download the brochure here for more information.

Before School Care Available at St Joseph’s

We are happy to announce that Before School Care has commenced this week at our neighbouring school, St Joseph’s Primary.

We already have a number of families who utilise the After School Care Program at St Joseph’s and this new service may be of particular interest to children in Years 4–6. Before and After School Care is run by Extend, who offer this service on a permanent or casual basis. Breakfast is provided at Before School Care including toast, spreads and cereal. Extend does not provide nuts or products containing nuts. Children are also prepared for the school day ahead and can engage in stimulating activities, arts and crafts and team games.

Before School Care will run from 7am‑8.30am. Further details including costs and to register can be found at




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