Important Notices

Important notices for all members of the school community.

Entertainment Books — Support Coolies 2015

Entertainment Books are just $65 & offer up to $20,000 in discounts & 2‑for‑1 offers.

You’ll be ahead after just 2 uses!

A great gift or simply a good excuse to get out more. Buying through De La Salle Coolies Project contributes funds towards this annual social justice initiative – we get $13 per book.

You can choose between the usual Entertainment Book with card & coupons or the smartphone digital membership.

How to Order

Buy on-line by credit card at:

*Can collect the hardcopy book from Tiverton Office at De La Salle College

**Digital membership – just follow the instructional email.

For further information about Entertainment Books or De La Salle Coolies feel free to contact Larry Evans at

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability

It is time to conduct the 2015 Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on school students with disability. This national Data Collection is taking place in all schools across Australia and will provide information about the number of students with a disability in schools, where they are located and the adjustments they receive.

The information provided by this data collection will enable all Australian governments to better target support and resources. This will assist students with a disability in government and non-government schools across Australia to complete school and go on to further education or find employment.

For further information about the NCCD, please read the attached NCCD factsheet for parents and carers.

St Michael’s Parish Sacramental Program 2015

Confirmation for young people in Year 9 and above

St Michael’s Parish Ashburton is currently seeking to enrol young people for our 2015 Sacramental Confirmation Program.

Classes will be held on Sunday afternoons from 4:00pm to 5:00pm from Sunday 21 June until and Sunday 26 July.

For more information about the Sacramental Program and for enrolment forms please log on to St Michael’s Parish website.


Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body (VCSPB) — Bulletin

The latest issue of the VCSPB Bulletin is now available on the VCSPB website.



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